Kaspersky Security for Mail Server

KasperskySecurity for Mail Server

For Microsoft Exchange and Linux-based mail servers

Email communication is mission-critical for every business. Unfortunately, it can be abused - from unscrupulous spam-based marketing to targeted phishing with financial fraud and infrastructure penetration in mind.

Kaspersky Security for Mail Servers provides a rock-solid frontline defense for corporate infrastructures by filtering out incoming spam and protecting users from malicious emails carrying malware, fraudulent requests and phishing URLs – while helping to prevent sensitive data from leaving the perimeter.

    • Multi-layered malware protection

      Multiple security layers applied through deep learning neural networks halt even the most complex mail-based malware, including regular executables, embedded objects and malicious scripts.

    • Advanced anti-phishing

      Phishing is key for the majority of email-based cyberattacks. Kaspersky’s advanced anti-phishing system utilizes multiple criteria analysis and the latest advancements in data science - as well as a cloud-based system to track phishing and malicious URLs and IP addresses - to prevent these kinds of social engineering-based attacks from succeeding.

    • Automated anti-spam

      Kaspersky’s anti-spam system uses smart engines to minimize false positives and adapt to changes in the threat landscape, instantly delivering protection from the barrage of unwanted emails.

    • Business Email Compromise (BEC) protection

      A dedicated machine learning-based detection system, with algorithmic models updated regularly with new scenarios, processes various indirect indicators. This enables the system to block even the most convincing fake emails trying to abuse the trust between employees and business partners – even in cases of legitimate email account takeover.

    • Prevention of unwanted content transfers

      Kaspersky’s configurable content filtering system can detect file disguises commonly used by cybercriminals to identify potentially dangerous attachments and prevent their transmission. The flexible rules system allows administrators to configure policies to prevent data leakage.

    • Flexible deployment scenarios

      Support for multiple platforms and deployment architectures offers seamless integration with a wide variety of business scenarios.

    • Sandboxing

      To protect against even the most sophisticated, heavily obfuscated malware, attachments are executed in a safe emulated environment where they are analyzed to ensure that dangerous samples aren’t let into the corporate system.

    • Support for virtualization and cloud

      Kaspersky Security for Mail Server applications have VMware Ready certification and can be deployed in Microsoft Azure.

    • Global and local support expertise

      Kaspersky provides high-quality, round-the-clock technical support – plus a wide range of corporate support programs.

Kaspersky Security for Mail Server