As corporate processes undergo extensive, across-the-board automation, businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on information technologies. On the flipside, the more a company’s business depends on IT, the more attractive the idea of hacking its information systems becomes. Companies often struggle to find the expertise and staff needed to track down threats and respond appropriately and security teams can become overwhelmed by managing systems and tools, leaving little time for thorough investigation and analysis.

  • Advanced Protection Technologies

    Leading security technologies based on unique ongoing threat intelligence and advanced machine learning prevent, detect and respond to complex attacks

  • Proactive Threat Hunting

    Proprietary Indicators of Attack enable the detection of stealthy non-malware threats that automated prevention and detection tools may have missed

  • Automated and Guided Response

    A completely managed or guided disruption and containment of threats delivers a swift reaction while keeping all response actions within your control

  • Globally-recognized Expertise

    Supported by the most successful threat hunting teams in the industry and backed by over 20 years of consistently outstanding targeted attack research

Kaspersky in MITRE ATT&CK®

As cyberattacks grow more complex and persistent, understanding criminal techniques becomes key to effective enterprise cyber-defense. See how the MITRE ATT&CK methodology is used to evaluate the performance of Kaspersky EDR solution together with our MDR service.

Case Studies

Eхplore examples of Kaspersky security solutions at work in the field

Kaspersky Anti-Targeted Attack Platform
ICSA Labs: Advanced Threat Defense test (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)
Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense
Radicati APT Protection Market Quadrant 2019
Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Services
The Forrester New Wave™: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q3 2018

The Use

  • Round-the-clock managed protection against modern evasive threats

    • Patented machine-learning models, unique threat intelligence and a proven track record of effective targeted attack research ensure continuous defense against even the most complex threats
    • Fully managed and individually tailored ongoing detection, prioritization, investigation and response prevents business disruption and minimizes the overall impact of an incident
    • Complete visibility into all observed malicious activities and your existing protection status delivers real-time situational awareness
  • Flexibility to suit all industry sectors and organizational needs

    • Fast, scalable turnkey deployment enables an instantly matured IT security function without the need to invest in additional staff or expertise
    • Automated or guided incident response provides a swift reaction while keeping all response actions within your full control
    • Extended functionality and flexibility for mature IT security teams allows them to offload incident triage and investigation processes to Kaspersky and focus expensive in-house resources on reacting to the critical outcomes delivered
  • Cost-effective and completely justified IT security investment

    • The reassurance of knowing that you are continuously protected against even the most innovative threats
    • Capacity to manage complex incidents, minimizing the associated overheads without having to employ and train in-house security specialists
    • Maximized value from your Kaspersky security solutions, reducing overall security costs while optimizing future IT security investments
    • All the major advantages to having your own security operations center without having to actually establish one  

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