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Let Kaspersky
help you achieve Cyber Immunity

Choose your Cyber Immunity path: acquired, innate or both

Kaspersky Cyber Immunity Principles

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Guided by trust

Find out more about the Kaspersky Global Transparency Initiative

Kaspersky Next

Build up your cybersecurity with leading-edge EDR and XDR to stop attacks in their tracks

Kaspersky Next
XDR Expert

For cybersecurity experts
Equip your experts with deep insights on our full-feature open XDR platform

Kaspersky Next
EDR Optimum

For small IT security teams
Enjoy enhanced controls with streamlined EDR

Kaspersky Next
EDR Foundations

For every organization
Build a strong cybersecurity core that protects all your endpoints

Discover how our award-winning security helps protect what matters most to you:

Protect your IT infrastructure from evolving cyberthreats
Defend your OT environment against cyberattacks

Join us for the Annual Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity Conference. September 25-27, 2024

Protect your company with solutions tailored to your industry

Maintain business continuity, enhance operational efficiency.

Meeting the most stringent security requirements for highly critical national infrastructures.
Advanced multi-layered protection for the broader financial sector.
Protection specifically designed for critical infrastructures.
Securing telecoms networks against even the most sophisticated cyberthreats.
Security for connected vehicles and intelligent transport systems.
Rigorous security for fast-moving retail.
Cybersecurity for when lives depend on it.

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