Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform

A unified security solution for a new era of digital transformation

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Corporate security should act as a catalyst for accelerated innovation, a cornerstone of corporate digital business strategy, proactively identifying and mitigating risk and reducing the impact of digital disruption in alignment with the overall business vision.

Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform enables enterprises to detect targeted attacks and advanced threats, and to recognize already compromised systems, based on leading security intelligence and advanced machine learning technologies.

What We Offer

Our industry-proven solution protects business continuity and the progress of digital transformation by providing advanced threat management and defense, capabilities, addressing all stages of a targeted attack. The platform itself features multi-layered prevention technologies, while integrating with an extensive portfolio of products and services to form a single holistic system dedicated to detection, response and prediction. The result is a truly integrated, strategic approach to targeted attacks and to threat detection and response.

  • Visibility and monitoring: internal and external

    Visibility and monitoring: internal and external

    Delivers complete visibility across the distributed enterprise environment, together with global threat statistics and reputations, providing contextualized, actionable Intelligence.

  • Multi-dimensional Advanced Detection

    Multi-dimensional Advanced Detection

    Built around a Machine Learning core, the platform combines advanced detection capabilites using static, behavioral, cloud reputation, sandboxing and pattern based detection engines, together with a Targeted Attack Analyzer.

  • Automated prevention of and response to advanced threats

    Automated prevention of and response to advanced threats

    Verdicts are automatically shared via the platform with a whole spectrum of products, including email, web, endpoint and storage protection. As a result, instant action can be taken when an incident emerges.


Suitable for

  • Enterprise organizations

  • Financial Services

  • Insurance

  • Government

  • Energy

  • Telecommunications

In Use

Proven to be most effective and trusted solution of its kind

A trusted security solution delivering complete privacy - all object analysis is performed on-site, with no outbound data flow. Real-time inbound reputation updates provide the highest detection rates according to independent tests, while preserving the full isolation of your corporate data.The Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform has been found to deliver 100% detection rates*, with a 0% false positives, eliminating the need to waste time responding to false alarms. *ICSA lab, Q3 2017

An adaptive cybersecurity strategy for a new era of digital transformation

Kaspersky Anti Targeted Atack platform supported by an extensive portfolio of Security Intelligence Services and products delivers a truly integrated, strategic approach to targeted attacks and to threat detection and response. It enables enterpsirse Security Operation Centers to benefit from best technologies and access to leading global threat Intelligence and threat expertise.

Seamless Threat Analysis and Discovery automation through a single console

The Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform features an intuitive easy-to-use, browser-based interface , providing unified visibility and control of Detection, Investigation, Prevention, Alerts and Reporting. Because a vast range of functions can be monitored and controlled via a single interface, your security team can perform tasks more effectively and efficiently – without the time-wasting and frustration of having to flip between separate tools and multiple consoles.

An ideal balance of technologies, services, training and support

The Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack platform supports a powerful combination of security products, expert education and training based on your current needs, together with dedicated Security Intelligence Services for Incident Response, Continious Monitoring and Threat Intelligence Sharing. All designed to ensure Anti-APT fits smoothly into your existing business initiative stream.

System Requirements

* Appliances can be virtual, VMware vSphere is recommended as a platform.

Premium Support and Professional Services

Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365. Take advantage of our Premium support packages, or call on our Professional Services to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your Kaspersky Lab security installation.

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  • Certified by ICSA Labs Advanced Threat Defense test. Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform achieved incredible 100% detection rate with 0% false positive

  • A competitive analysis of the market for APT Protection solutions by The Radicati Group has awarded Kaspersky Lab’s Anti Targeted Attack platform with “Trail Blazer” leadership position.


The Threats

With the increasing adoption, throughout business and society at large, of digital technologies such as the cloud, big data, mobile, IoT and artificial intelligence, the growing connectivity of everything brings challenges as never before in terms of security, compliance and data protection:

  • Data management and compliance issues can slow business evolution

  • New business initiatives can suffer from ineffective or inapplicable security

  • Lack of planning and unification of security strategy in Incident Response

  • Too many alerts to be verified thanks to 'false positives'

  • Shadow IT and low visibility over business assets brings corresponding risks

  • Stolen credentials and permissions can put businesses at significant risk

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