KasperskySecurity for Microsoft Exchange Servers

Email is one of the main channels through which crypto-lockers, malware and spam are distributed. Cyber criminals can launch complex, targeted attacks from a single email opened by a single user (e.g. your accountant) – which, once opened, is a doorway into your company’s confidential information.

To avoid exposing your business to this kind of risk and protect the entire company infrastructure, you need an effective Mail Server security solution.

Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange delivers world-class anti-malware and anti-spam protection of your Microsoft Exchange mail servers with a powerful anti-malware engine, comprehensive anti-malware scanning capabilities and intelligent spam detection.

By protecting your mail servers, Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange protects your entire corporate network, freeing you up to focus on core business operations with confidence.

  • Highlights

    • Powerful anti-malware and anti-spam engines

      Powerful technologies enable increased scanning speed with reduced system resource consumption.

    • Complete protection

      The application offers complete protection of Microsoft Exchange Server and is compatible with DAG (Database Availability Group).

    • Flexible settings

      Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange offers flexible, user-friendly settings to ensure spam and anti-malware protection that meets your business security goals.

    • Multi-language support

      The application carries out anti-spam scanning of messages written in different languages, including Asian language sets.

    • High performance

      The engine ensures increased performance and stability with minimum memory requirements.

    • Flexible licensing

      You can choose from flexible monthly licensing with scalable and pay-as-you-go options or fixed annual licensing. For Managed Service Providers, it’s easy to manage security remotely for multiple clients using the multi-tenant console.

    Effective anti-spam protection through intelligent detection

    • Intelligent spam recognition technologies

      The application scans all messages for spam based on formal attributes such as the sender's email and IP address, the size of message and message header. In addition, the content of messages and attachments is analyzed using intelligent technologies including unique graphical signatures which detect spam in the form of images. Kaspersky Security for Exchange includes integration with Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) – to access Kaspersky’s cloud-based database and obtain real-time information about new spam.

    • Reputation filtering

      You now have the option of using Reputation Filtering — an additional anti-spam scanning service that increases the accuracy of spam detection and reduces the probability of Anti-Spam false positives.

    • Additional message scanning

      For additional protection against spam, messages are scanned using DNSBL lists of spammers' addresses and SURBL technology which detects spammer URLs in the message.

    • Message classification

      As administrator, you can configure separate processing rules for each category of unsolicited mail to prevent any loss of information. For instance, messages that are known to be spam can be blocked; suspicious mail can be directed straight to the Unwanted Mail folder; and formal messages such as message delivery and message read confirmations can go directly to the Inbox.

    • White and black lists

      There is a facility for individual users to create their own trusted (white) and black lists by sender's SMTP or IP address. A white list can also be created using the receiver's SMTP address. Any message received from a white-listed sender is not scanned and is delivered straight to the recipient. However, if the address is black-listed the message it will be tagged with a special heading and processed according to the rules configured by you, the administrator.

    Powerful protection against malware

    • Real-time scanning

      Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange detects and removes every type of malware, worms, Trojans and other malicious objects from the stream of incoming and outgoing messages, including attachments in almost any format. It detects and removes not only known malware but also potentially dangerous programs and emails with macros inside the MS Office documents.

    • On-demand and on-schedule background scanning

      All folders and messages stored on the server are subject to background scanning to ensure that all objects are processed using the latest version of the antivirus databases. Set up a flexible background schedule or run on-demand scanning for any specific mailbox at any time. All with minimal impact on server load and business productivity.

    • Backup copying

      Before deleting messages, the application makes backup copies so that it is possible to restore important information if attempts to treat an object result in failure or if a message was incorrectly categorized as spam. A wide range of search parameters make it easier for you to find objects in the backup storage area.

    Flexible administration

    • Centralized management and monitoring

      A single administrative console with centralized reporting and backup helps to control all your Exchange servers. Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange is integrated with Kaspersky Security Center, enabling you to monitor the protection status, important events and consolidated statistics for you entire organization in a single console. 

    • Customized configuration

      You can configure the application based on your company's IT security policy and hardware capabilities. For example, you can exclude certain file types from scanning or configure the spam intensity level. You can also configure antivirus and anti-spam processing scenarios for different message categories, create white and blacklists by senders' or receivers' addresses, etc.

    • Database updates

      Updates to antivirus databases are available on demand or can be completed automatically according to a schedule. You can either download updates directly from the Kaspersky website or from a local server. If required, you can update antivirus and spam recognition databases separately.

    • Convenient administration

      The administrative interface is based on the popular Microsoft Management Console with remote adm