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Kaspersky Next EDR Foundations

Unbeatable endpoint protection for your business made simple

An easy-to-manage cybersecurity solution that keeps your business safe from ransomware, file-less malware, and emerging threats
  • Advanced endpoint protection. Monitors every device on your network for complete system coverage.
  • Essential security controls. Offers full access to a wide range of powerful protective tools through an intuitive console.
  • Root Cause Analysis. Provides deep research into cyberattacks allowing for full vector assessment and response.
Kaspersky NextEDR Foundations

Why Kaspersky is right for your business

Kaspersky Next EDR Foundations provides your business with a trustworthy, reliable, and affordable cybersecurity platform

Expertise your business can trust

Over the last decade Kaspersky has consistently placed in the Top 3 rankings among independent cybersecurity tests and prevented threats to millions of data sources

Flexible management dashboard

Offering both cloud-based and on-site deployment, our adjustable control dashboard makes managing and growing security simple, quick, and painless

An affordable security solution

You get access to the strongest enterprise-level attack analysis tools in the industry which can keep your business protected, all while staying within your budget

The benefits of Kaspersky Next EDR Foundations

Protect your business systems from a vast array of advanced persistent threats with enterprise-grade malware protection, ransomware protection, and constant endpoint monitoring.

Machine-learning security for all endpoints: from mobile devices to workstations and more

Kaspersky Next EDR Foundations offers an advanced yet easy-to-use and intuitive endpoint protection platform that defends your business from malicious activities so you can focus more on growing your business and worry less about your IT needs.
  • Keeps your data secure with industry-proven anti-ransomware and anti-malware tools
  • Prevents known and unknown malware threats from infecting your devices with robust file, web, and mail threat protection
  • Monitors which applications on your endpoints need updating with a routine vulnerability scan

Gain full visibility: know your threats by sight

There are numerous cyberthreats throughout the business landscape. Keeping track of them all can be a full-time job. Let Kaspersky Next EDR Foundations do the hard work of threat hunting and showing you where your endpoints are at risk.
  • Employs strong app, web, and device control to prevent users on your network from external threats
  • Detects and roots out advanced attacks on your network and provides a visual pathway with extensive root cause analysis
  • Alerts you to any suspicious activities or security holes on your network with cloud discovery and vulnerability assessment

Trusted Security Solution

When it comes to your business, trust is essential. Kaspersky has regularly proven to be trustworthy by the most respected antivirus testing labs in the world.

Choose the ideal Kaspersky Next plan for your business

Compare and contrast Kaspersky’s security plans for business to help you choose the right product for your needs

Manage protection
IT SpecialistsRequiredRequired
Time to control~15 mins weekly~15 mins weekly
Product features
Features overview  
Endpoint Protection
feature is includedfeature is included
feature is includedfeature is included
Network Security
feature is includedfeature is included
Cloud Monitoring
feature is includedfeature is included
Cloud Security
feature isn't includedfeature is included
Task Optimisation
feature is includedfeature is included
Basic EDR Capabilities
feature is includedfeature is included
Essential EDR Capabilities
feature isn't includedfeature is included
Cybersecurity Trainings for ITOffer
feature isn't includedfeature is included

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More business cybersecurity solutions for your needs

No matter which business services you use, Kaspersky has a solution for you

Additional Resources

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Expert Cybersecurity Support
Build the best cybersecurity for your business with Kaspersky Professional Services. Our experienced team members will assist with risk assessment, implementation, maintenance, and optimisation.
Online Cybersecurity Courses
Ensure your expert IT team stays up to cyber threats and train your leadership team to understand how these threats impact the effectiveness of your business, including best practices on how to manage these risks.

Want to offer this product as an MSP?

Build cost-efficient security services based on products our customers love. Minimal investment required, just choose our cloud-based solutions to serve small and medium businesses.

Kaspersky’s award-winning MSP program and MSP-ready security are tailormade to address your customers’ most common security pain points.

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