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Kaspersky Security for Mail Server

Comprehensive email security for free-flowing business communications.

Email is everywhere, which is why cybercriminals love it. Kaspersky Security for Mail Server protects every aspect of your corporate email.

  • Blocks all types of mail-borne threats
  • Once license fits all
  • Simplicity or granularity? You decide
  • Moving your email to the cloud? No problem.

Why specialized email security?

"I’ve got endpoint security, why should I invest in email protection”? - IT manager

Many businesses underestimate the value of email protection - or entrust it to the bundled “standard” offering of their telecoms or cloud provider.

Watch the video to discover why investing in reliable email protection from a leading cybersecurity vendor is key to avoiding a whole range of unwanted consequences for your business.

Why choose Kaspersky?

Protection you can rely on

Email protection is the bedrock of your company’s security. Our unique stack of cloud-assisted protection technologies is proven by regular independent tests.

Choose the setup that suits you best

Choose a fast-start option with a short learning curve and no special skills required, or a more finely tuned set-up process – you decide.

Wide range of options

Choose the app combination you want, from a secure email gateway to API-integrated on-prem or cloud-native email security. No extra charge – it’s all included.


Malware & Ransomware

The most common attacks via email use malicious links or attachments


Time-wasting, resource-hogging spam impacts significantly on business effectiveness


Socially engineered scams defraud your employees and your business

Risky files

Attachments aren’t always safe – risky attached files can cause significant damage


Business Email Compromise (BEC) abuses our trust in colleagues and business associates

Data Leaks

Uncontrolled data transfers can threaten privacy and intellectual property rights

Top features

Research-driven and proven, we deliver the technologies you need – not the hyped-up applications you don’t

  • A Secure Email Gateway (SEG)
    A software appliance or standalone Linux app
  • Integrated protection for MS Exchange
    Checks your mailboxes and what travels between them
  • Cloud-native MS365 email security
    And you get protection for other MS365 apps, free!
  • A single license covers all scenarios
    Gateway, mailbox and cloud email security inside!

Case Studies

AZ Sint-Jan public hospital
AZ Sint-Jan offers innovative, advanced healthcare services. Digitization of patient care places high demands on any hospital’s ICT environment. Employees must have rapid access to the right data, and at the same time, the security of both the information and the network must be guaranteed.
24/7 Premium Support
Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365.

Applications / Services Included

Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway
KasperskySecure Mail Gateway
A ready-to-use, easy to deploy Secure Email Gateway (SEG) software appliance– no special Linux skills required
Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange Servers
KasperskySecurity for Microsoft Exchange Servers
An on-prem Integrated Email Security System (IESS) helping to secure not only emails passing through a gateway, but also those stored in mailboxes and transmitted within the organization.
Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway standalone
KasperskySecure Mail Gateway standalone
Deploy on a standalone basis or boost security and functionality for existing mail infrastructure
Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365
KasperskySecurity for Microsoft Office 365
A hosted SaaS email security service that protects Microsoft Exchange Online email and other aspects of Office 365

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