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Kaspersky Security for Mail Server

Proven multi-layered protection for every aspect of your corporate email.

  • Blocks all types of mail-borne threats
  • One license fits all; no need to look elsewhere
  • Simplicity or granularity? You decide
  • Moving your email to the cloud? No problem.


  • Email is the number 1 cybercriminal entry-point into enterprise IT systems.

  • Kaspersky Security for Mail Server uses multiple security layers based on award-winning protection technologies, machine learning and global threat intelligence to detect and block email-borne cyberthreats, including malware and ransomware, spam, phishing and BEC attacks.

  • Numerous platforms and architectures are supported - ideal for diversified enterprises with complex structures and those moving to the cloud.


Malware & Ransomware

The most common attacks via email use malicious links or attachments


Time-wasting, resource-hogging spam impacts significantly on business effectiveness


Socially engineered scams defraud your employees and your business

Targeted attacks & APTs

Sophisticated attackers still use email as their primary attack vector


Business Email Compromise (BEC) abuses our trust in colleagues and business associates

Data Leaks

Uncontrolled data transfers can threaten privacy and intellectual property rights

How we meet your enterprise challenges

Research-driven and pragmatic, we deliver the technologies you need – and not hyped-up applications you don’t

  • A Secure Email Gateway (SEG)
    A software appliance or standalone Linux app
  • Integrated protection for MS Exchange
    Checks your mailboxes and what travels between them
  • Cloud-native MS365 email security
    And you get protection for other MS365 apps, free!
  • A single license covers all scenarios
    Gateway, mailbox and cloud email security inside!

Suitable for

Kaspersky Security for Mail Server is particularly well-suited to addressing the security requirements, concerns and constraints of these enterprise sectors:

Finance Services
Government Agencies
Retail and Hospitaility
Healthcare providers
Energy generators and providers
Industrial producers
Other enterprise organizations

Case Studies

AZ Sint-Jan public hospital
AZ Sint-Jan offers innovative, advanced healthcare services. Digitization of patient care places high demands on any hospital’s ICT environment. Employees must have rapid access to the right data, and at the same time, the security of both the information and the network must be guaranteed.

In Use

Secure Email Gateway (SEG)

Block threats and disrupts attack scenarios earlier in the kill chain, from social engineering to vulnerability exploitation
  • An all-in-one, easy-to-use software appliance ready for fast deployment

  • A clear web-based management panel with built-in emailing controls – plus a user-level portal to manage quarantined emails

  • No Linux administration skills required

Mailbox-level protection

Add mailbox-level protection to secure all email exchanges taking place within your organization’s infrastructure, preventing horizontal attacks and insider threats
  • Integrated Email Security System (IESS) supports MS Exchange Server’s API for a seamless plug-in with all critical features fully engaged

  • Controls all communications between senders and recipients inside the organization

  • Secures everything stored in mailboxes - rescanning emails for delayed threats

Cloud transformation

Instantly protect your new Exchange Online emailing infrastructure as you move into the cloud
  • None of the hassle involved in procuring an additional cloud-native security solution

  • A cloud-native IESS fully supporting Microsoft 365

  • Test-proven efficiency, way beyond built-in capabilities.

Fits existing complex emailing infrastructures

Flexibility supports your email infrastructure as it grows in complexity
  • A standalone Linux app integrates into existing configurations

  • Opt-in security levels fine-tune performance for individual email traffic security scenarios

  • Existing defenses can be boosted, without adding to false positives.

Expert-level protection with XDR

Your well-developed security function will benefit from native integration of email security into the Kaspersky XDR framework
  • Added advanced threat detection capabilities

  • Enriched detection context and event correlation

  • Automated cross-product response

24/7 Premium Support
Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365.

Applications / Services Included

Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway
KasperskySecure Mail Gateway
A ready-to-use, easy to deploy Secure Email Gateway (SEG) software appliance– no special Linux skills required
Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange Servers
KasperskySecurity for Microsoft Exchange Servers
An on-prem Integrated Email Security System (IESS) helping to secure not only emails passing through a gateway, but also those stored in mailboxes and transmitted within the organization.
Kaspersky Linux Mail Security
KasperskyLinux Mail Security
Deploy on a standalone basis or boost security and functionality for existing mail infrastructure
Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365
KasperskySecurity for Microsoft Office 365
A hosted SaaS email security service that protects Microsoft Exchange Online email and other aspects of Office 365

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