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Kaspersky demonstrated stable performance in 2019 with a six percent growth of the B2B business, which was driven by an increase in enterprise sales along with the release of new products and services. In addition, significant growth was demonstrated by xSP business development. The global non-audited IFRS revenue of 2019 resulted in a total USD 685 million*.

Despite market challenges, the company achieved significant success in the strategic B2B sector delivering some of the best products and services in the industry. The company continued to grow in the enterprise segment (+10%**), and also demonstrated a considerable increase of 14%** in B2B digital sales and a 16%** growth in non-endpoint products and services. In 2019, the company updated its flagship solutions – Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform, and launched the new Kaspersky Sandbox.

Remarkably, there was growth in the SMB business with a 2%** increase YoY, the result of strategic sales development and the release of two new versions of the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud solution. The company’s B2C digital segment remained flat compared to last year.

“2019 was an important year for Kaspersky as we underwent our rebrand, not only introducing a new company logo and visual identity, but also changing our approach to business and introducing a new philosophy of digital security for a brighter tomorrow. We built a foundation for our business beyond the antivirus category and have created the opportunity to scale our brand and cover new business areas, including the Kaspersky Innovation Hub among others.

“At the same time, 2019 was also a year that included challenges. Nevertheless the company’s operations remain profitable and we are confidently moving forward with sales and marketing initiatives laid out in our strategic plan, that we believe will bring us expected results”, commented Alexander Moiseev, Chief Business Officer of Kaspersky.

In 2019 Kaspersky’s xSP business demonstrated outstanding growth results with a 25%** increase YoY globally. The company has been working with more than 450 different partners that include internet service providers, mobile operators, banks, insurance companies, financial service providers and the gaming community, and delivering B2C and B2B products on a subscription basis to their customers.

Kaspersky is consistently awarded top scores in more independent tests than any other vendor. In 2019, Kaspersky once again proved its leadership of the TOP3 metric for consumer and corporate cybersecurity products: the company’s products underwent 86 different independent tests and reviews, achieving podium placements (first, second or third) in 70 of them, of which 64 were first place finishes.

Globally, the company’s performance was driven by stable and positive results in Latin America (+5%**), Asia-Pacific (+3%**) and especially in Russia, the Baltics, Central Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)*** (+17%**), while there was a slight slowdown in Europe (-1%**) and the META region (Middle East, Turkey and Africa) (-9%**). The North American region demonstrated slight growth in the B2B segment (+1%**) amid the general sales decrease resulted in -7%**. Earlier in 2020 the North American office celebrated its 15th anniversary.

Along with new business development, Kaspersky has been continuously working on the progress of its Global Transparency Initiative and took a number of significant steps following prior commitments and beyond. The company opened one more European Transparency Center in Spain, with two additional facilities – in Brazil and in Malaysia – to be open in 2020. Relocation of user data from the U.S. and Canada was announced, in addition to data from European users. Kaspersky also achieved ISO27001 certification, confirming that the company’s data security systems, including Kaspersky Security Network, meet industry best practices.

All growth rates are represented eliminating foreign exchange rate changes.

* figures are rounded for easier reading. Revenue was USD 684.6 million.
** all segment and regional figures are in net sales bookings, not revenue
*** countries of the abovementioned region include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

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Kaspersky reports 2019 financial results

The company continues business growth in key segments, including enterprise and xSP, as well as increasing its B2B digital sales and bookings in non-endpoint products.
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