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SoftwareReviews’ Emotional footprint survey measures user satisfaction across 27 elements of the provider relationship, including strategy, service experience, product experience, conflict resolution, and contract negotiation. The result is a Net Emotional Footprint score, which represents overall user sentiment, a powerful indicator of the user feeling toward the provider and the product.

In February 2023, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business was recognized as the Champion in the 2023 Endpoint Protection Emotional Footprint report with a Net Emotional Footprint of 97%, meaning that using the product resonates highly with customers at an emotional level. When customers were asked to evaluate their experience with Kaspersky Endpoint Security, the product received outstanding feedback: it scored 98% for its security protection properties, 97% for reliability, and 96% for providing unique features to users. 97 % of customers claimed they feel the product is continually improving, another 97% are planning to renew their licenses, and 90% of users are likely to recommend the product.

Two other Kaspersky products have also received recognition in the firm’s other Emotional Footprints this year. Kaspersky Security Awareness and Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway were named Value Players in the Security Awareness and Training Tools Emotional Footprint in February and the Secure Email Gateway – Enterprise (SEG) Emotional Footprint in April. This recognition demonstrates the products’ success in terms of efficiency and value for money with users. 

“It’s great to see that our products are positioned within the top spots in the SoftwareReviews’ Emotional Footprint once again. With the threat landscape evolving, it’s essential for businesses to protect their endpoints, prevent business emails from being compromised, to train employees on time. It is also essential to have all the necessary security products, knowing they are being tested constantly and improved in line with new challenges. Our champion, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, contains built-in advanced EDR functionality integrated into our native XDR, thus providing comprehensive protection against targeted attacks to easily investigate and respond to threats. Being the key link in this security ecosystem, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business also provides the advantage of cutting-edge technology for ransomware attack prevention. We are glad all our efforts to develop and improve our products are reflected in our customers’ feedback, showing that users see us as a vendor that they can rely on,” comments Ivan Vassunov, VP Corporate Products at Kaspersky.

The Emotional Footprint results are based on authentic user-review data. The data published in an Emotional Footprint is collected from real end users and meticulously verified. 

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SoftwareReviews names Kaspersky a Champion in 2023 Endpoint Protection Emotional Footprint Report

Kaspersky was named one of the Champions for the 2023 Endpoint Protection Emotional Footprint report by SoftwareReviews, the most in-depth source of data and customer opinions in the enterprise software market. Emotional Footprint Champions are selected based exclusively on feedback provided by SoftwareReviews users.
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