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A Top-Rated Product 2022 award was given for the high results across the whole series of consumer products tests. In particular, for performing with rating ‘Advanced+’ 5 times out of 7 tests. Apart from that, Kaspersky Internet Security additionally takes Bronze Awards for the Lowest False Positives 2022 and Advanced Threat Protection 2022.

At the end of each testing year, AV-Comparatives Summary Report provides an overview of every product participating in their main test series by its testing panel, showcasing high-scoring products evaluated by its test team.

Kaspersky Internet Security was named Top-Rated Product Award 2022 by testers AV-Comparatives for its high standard in the Public Consumer Main-Test Series. To receive this award, a company must achieve a total of more than 90 points across all tests. During evaluation, Kaspersky Internet Security gained 95 points and received the highest ‘Advanced+’ award for five out of seven tests.

Kaspersky Internet Security was also praised for its high results in False Alarm tests throughout 2022. According to test data, Kaspersky received a bronze award and is one of just three vendors to earn annual recognition for the lowest number of False Positives. It’s an important award as false positive alarms can cause as many issues as a real infection.

In addition, Kaspersky Internet Security was honored with the ATP Bronze 2022 annual award for its performance in the Advanced Threat Protection Test, testing any program’s ability to protect against advanced targeted and fileless attacks to the limit. Kaspersky Internet Security managed to block 12 attacks and finished top-3 among all participants.

'In our comprehensive year-long assessment of consumer products, Kaspersky Internet Security continues demonstrating its commitment to the high protection standards with minimal performance influence and false reporting. We are happy to award it with the Top Rated Product 2022, accompanied with the Lowest False Positive Bronze 2022 and ATP Bronze 2022 recognitions' - said Andreas Clementi, CEO and founder of AV-Comparatives.

‘It is the twelfth time in a row from 2011-2022 Kaspersky consumer solutions have received AV-Comparatives annual awards. We’re proud this independent organization has once again highlighted the high quality of our products and technologies. Recognition from the expert community and this award shows Kaspersky products stand among the best in the market.’ comments Marina Titova, Vice-President, Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky. 

The full AV-Comparatives report is available via the link.

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Kaspersky Internet Security received annual awards by AV-Comparatives

Kaspersky Internet Security managed to receive three annual awards in 2022 for the results in a series of tests by AV-Comparatives
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