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Kaspersky increases its stake in the capital of MyOffice, an office suite offering collaborative document management and communication software, to 61.05% as a result of a buyout of shares from the company's private shareholders. This is a continuation of Kaspersky's strategy to diversify its business and invest in expanding IT areas. The cost of the deal was not disclosed.

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky, said: "Our company sees great potential in the synergy formed between MyOffice’s software developments and the cyber-immune approach that serves as the basis for the KasperskyOS secure operating system. In fact, the mobile versions of the MyOffice editors and also Mail client were among the first consumer programs and office applications adapted for KasperskyOS."  

"Increasing shareholder power confirms the high interest of Kaspersky in the further development of the company. The transaction will not affect the operating activities of MyOffice - the company will continue to operate in its previous market segments and in accordance with its long-term development strategy," added Andrey Cheglakov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MyOffice.

MyOffice provides software solutions for enterprise, public sector, academia as well as individual users. The company is showing strong growth. At the end of 2021, MyOffice's revenue doubled and the number of clients exceeded 2,400. The company's partner network has significantly expanded both in Russia and abroad.

Kaspersky becomes a majority shareholder of MyOffice with a 61.05% share

Kaspersky increases its shareholder power in the capital of the MyOffice suite to enhance its business development and diversification strategy.
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