Kaspersky invites young security talent to join the Secur’IT Cup ’21 – the international competition bringing together the brightest young minds to work on innovative cybersecurity ideas aimed at creating a safer future.

During the challenges of the past 18 months we have become more dependent on technology to help us live our lives online. But with that dependence comes a greater risk of cyberthreats. The industry needs fresh talent and a new generation of cybersecurity experts to tackle the growing challenge.

To support young talent take steps into the world of cybersecurity, Kaspersky is launching its international Secur'IT Cup '21 competition giving innovative minds the opportunity to solve key issues in the cybersecurity landscape. This year, the competition will focus on solutions for three key areas:

·         IoT Security - protect users of internet of things (IoT) devices such as smart home devices, medical wearables, and unmanned vehicles including drones, from exposing their privacy and security through new security solutions.

·         Machine learning in cybersecurity - develop new methods that apply machine learning to improve cybersecurity technologies and narrow the damage caused by cyberattacks.

·         New methods and instruments for security assessment - develop new instruments or approaches to improve or automate security assessment processes for web and mobile applications, corporate networks, industrial objects.

In addition, this year Kaspersky has joined efforts with three NGOs — WESNET (Australia), Refuge (UK) and NNDEV (USA) — to find solutions that will tackle the issue of cyberviolence around the world. The special nomination category for 2021 — fighting cyberviolence — invites entrants to develop new ways to help survivors of violence protect themselves from stalking, bullying and hidden tracking in the digital and physical worlds.

The world we live in is drastically evolving. Our ‘new normal’ brings additional challenges that, in turn, require an innovative and different approach. Kaspersky has been holding the Secur’IT Cup for five years with more than 4,500 participants taking part over that time. We can see that young individuals contribute fresh, bright ideas that open up new ways to reshape the cybersecurity industry and, as a result, create new solutions. This year we have chosen technological spheres where security is a big issue, along with a focus on the important topic of cyberviolence to help tackle critical social questions,” says Denis Barinov, Head of Kaspersky Academy.

"NNEDV is grateful for Kaspersky's partnership in the Coalition Against Stalkerware and delighted they are prioritizing cyberviolence with a dedicated track in the 2021 Secur'IT Cup. We are encouraged to see more work being done to understand threat models taking the dynamics of interpersonal abuse into consideration. By prioritizing privacy and safety for survivors as part of this exciting event for young people entering this space, Kaspersky is increasing tech professionals' knowledge about survivors' needs and expanding their capacity to consider those needs, as well as to develop possible solutions," comments Erica Olsen, Safety Net Project Director, NNEDV.

Last year's winners, Paulo and Pedro Fabri's project 'Cyber Clue game', aim to increase general awareness about cybersecurity among internet users. Commenting on their win, they said: "Cybersecurity is essential in our modern world, and for us, what's better than learning while you a play a game? With that in mind, our project, the Cyber Clue game for the Kaspersky Secur'IT Cup 2020, allows you to investigate security incidents and solve mysteries based on real-life situations.”

Registration for the competition closes on 13th November 2021. Participants need to submit a detailed project description or research abstract and project prototype. An expert jury will consider all projects and select a shortlist for the final. Entrants can participate individually or in teams.

All finalists will take part in the online event on 9th December 2021, where the winner will be awarded $10,000. Second place winners will be invited to attend the Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit 2022, which brings together the world's foremost security experts. Those in third place will be given the opportunity to attend a local cybersecurity conference or professional course of their choice on one of the global MOOC-platforms. Two special nomination projects will also be awarded $5,000.

Detailed information about the application procedure and deadlines for Secur'IT Cup '21 can be found on the competition's official website.

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Secur’IT Cup ’21: finding the next generation of cybersecurity professionals for the future of technology

Kaspersky invites young security talent to join the Secur’IT Cup ’21 – the international competition bringing together the brightest young minds to work on innovative cybersecurity ideas aimed at creating a safer future.
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