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The team has been recognised in this year’s Cyber Security Awards for ongoing leadership and expertise in the field, as well as their response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen cybercriminals redouble their efforts to attack consumers and businesses alike.

Established in 2008, the Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT) operates at the very heart of Kaspersky, uncovering APTs, cyber-espionage campaigns, major malware, ransomware, and underground cyber-criminal trends across the world. Today GReAT consists of 40+ experts working globally – in Europe, Russia, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East. These talented security professionals provide company leadership in anti-malware research and innovation, bringing unrivalled expertise, passion and curiosity to the discovery and analysis of cyber threats.

Over the last 12 years, GReAT has detected and dissected some of the biggest cyber-espionage campaigns. It has helped uncover and research the inner workings of major threat actors, including Stuxnet, Duqu 2.0, Carbanak, and more recently Lazarus, BlueNoroff, Moonlight Maze and the Equation Group.

The team has also contributed to the global understanding of emerging trends such as supply chain threats (ShadowPad), major ransomware operations (WannaCry and ExPetr) and cybercrime (xDedic).

“I’m proud of the team for being recognised at the Cyber Security Awards this year for their hard work and success.The process of tracking, analysing, interpreting and mitigating constantly-evolving cyberthreats is a massive undertakingand increasingly importantfor Kaspersky’s customers. Enterprises across all sectors are facing a shortage of up-to-the-minute, relevant data to help them manage the risks associated with IT security threats – which is particularly crucial during the current pandemic, commented Costin Raiu, Director, Global Research & Analysis Team.

The insights and threat intelligence provided by the GReAT team feed directly into the development of Kaspersky’s innovative security solutions and services to help organisations fight back.”

The Cyber Security Awards were established in 2014 to reward the best individuals, teams and companies within the cyber security industry. Excellence and innovation are core themes throughout all categories. With independent, industry leading judges, companies are awarded solely on merit.

Judge Naveen Vasudeva, Founder of The Cyber Paradox, said “It was an incredibly tough year to win a category. Even being shortlisted was a success this year due to the record number of entries. There were so many categories where the judges struggled to pick a winner. Winning this prestigious award demonstrates innovation and success in the cybersecurity industry.”

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Kaspersky’s GReAT team wins Industry Team of the Year at the Annual Cyber Security Awards 2020

Kaspersky’s Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT) have been named Industry Team of the Year at the Annual Cyber Security Awards 2020, beating out fierce competition and proving their strength as an industry leader at the forefront of global threat discovery.
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