In today’s ‘information age’, the loss or theft of data can have severe consequences. Some of the personal information that’s stored on your computer may be difficult to replace, or could give cybercriminals the opportunity to steal your digital identity and steal your money.

Data Loss

If a malware attack deletes any data that’s held on your computer, the consequences of the attack will depend on how valuable the information was to you. If the deleted files were relatively unimportant, the attack may be just a minor inconvenience. However, the deletion of some files could result in you losing:

  • Your photograph archive
  • Many years’ of work on a project
  • Important correspondence
  • Vital records of financial transactions or investments

Data Theft

When a virus infection on your home computer leads to the theft of important information, this could result in:

  • A severe breach of your privacy
  • The theft of funds from your bank account

If data is stolen from a business, this could result in any of the following ending up in the wrong hands:

  • Customer databases
  • Financial information
  • Technical documentation
  • Corporate banking details

How to protect yourself against data loss and data theft

Rigorous anti-malware software is vitally important in preventing the infection of your computers and mobile devices. However, it’s also wise to make regular backups of the information that’s stored within your devices. Even if your devices are never infected by malicious software, the failure of a hard disk or other components could leave you struggling to access your precious information. At that point, you’ll be glad you backed up your data.

Kaspersky Lab offers a range of world-class anti-malware products that can protect computers and mobile devices. Some Kaspersky products also include data backup and online backup features, plus special technologies – such as Kaspersky’s unique Safe Money – that help to prevent cybercriminals stealing the passwords for your bank account or online shopping accounts.

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