When it comes to protecting your business from digital threats, you need proper virus protection for all your devices. There's a massive range of antivirus products on the market, and it can be daunting to try to select the best protections. But, one of the most critical items to focus on is cloud antivirus protection, which ensures that you remain protected from threats before they make the news.

The Cloud Antivirus Advantage

Cloud antivirus protection has an advantage over traditional antivirus technologies: Cloud systems pool intelligence from millions of computers in the field to spot suspicious trends. That vast trove of information means they can detect threats earlier, and block those threats before they become a problem. On the other hand, traditional antivirus software relies on security researchers to discover threats before the threat is able to penetrate your device. Although this used to be acceptable, today's malware moves faster, and you need a more agile form of protection to respond.

Although the antivirus field is crowded, finding quality antivirus software isn't difficult if you keep a couple of key points in mind. First, you should only use software from leading industry vendors. They are the ones equipped with trained security teams working around the clock to develop solutions to threats, and they also have a broader reach, and more experience, than smaller organizations.

Although there are plenty of utility suites which come bundled with "antivirus software," it is best to only stick with top-name security software since those developers focus specifically on security. Fortunately, you can download a free antivirus software trial to evaluate possible solutions before spending any money.

Necessary Upgrades

For some users it is worthwhile to upgrade from an antivirus program to a full-featured security suite. The biggest benefit of using a security suite is that you have additional features, such as: spam and phishing protection, internet banking security, mobile device protection and much more. Rather than managing numerous software packages from different vendors, consolidating your security products with a quality vendor will ensure that you can focus on your business without needing to perform ongoing maintenance tasks. As with antivirus software, it is possible to download free virus protection and security software trials to ensure that you pick the program that's right for your needs.

When it comes to securing your systems overall, it's wise to consolidate your security software and stick with only the top vendors. That way, you can be assured that your systems are ready to withstand even the toughest security challenges.

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