New trend: Ransomware actors focus on targeted attacks against businesses

The attacks have primarily hit financial organizations worldwide. In some cases, payment demands amounted to over half a million dollars.

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Ransomware endangers both private and corporate users

Why ransomware actors hit companies:
The reason for the trend is clear – criminals consider targeted ransomware attacks against businesses potentially more profitable than mass attacks against private users. A successful ransomware attack against a company can easily stop its business processes for hours or even days, making owners of affected companies more likely to pay the ransom.

How they attack:
In general, the tactics, techniques and procedures used by these groups are very similar. They infect the targeted organization with malware through vulnerable servers or spear phishing emails. Then they establish persistence in the victim’s network and identify the valuable corporate resources to encrypt, subsequently demanding a ransom in exchange for decryption.

How to stop ransomware actors:

  • Conduct proper and timely backup of your data so it can be used to restore original files after a data loss event.
  • Use a security solution with behavior based detection technologies.
  • Audit installed software, not only on endpoints, but also on all nodes and servers in the network and keep it updated.


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