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Innovation separates leaders from followers. At Kaspersky, we’re constantly evolving to make sure we stay ahead of the pack.
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Kaspersky Innovation Hub

What do we stand for?

A world where innovation not only improves our everyday lives, but empowers us to build a better future. That’s our mission.

Our Projects

At Kaspersky Innovation Hub, we support a number of cutting-edge technology projects that are making a huge impact on our world.

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Polys — a blockchain-based solution that enables fair and transparent elections, votings, and polls.

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Privacy Audit — digital assistant that maintains your privacy, and helps fighting personal data disposure.

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Antidrone — an advanced solution that uses neural network to detect, classify, track, and neutralize civil drones.

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Verisium — an IoT platform that fights counterfeit, and allows direct communication between brands and customers.

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Transparent Deal — an automated scoring system that identifies conflicts of interest, and helps fighting corruption.

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Make your innovation a value for everyone and build a safer world together with us.

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Our Partners

From accelerators to incubators, venture capital firms and more, we support the most innovative players in cybersecurity to build a better future.

Our Team

Vitaly Mzokov

Head of Innovation Hub

Andrey Nikonov

Innovations Opportunity Analyst

Luana Bosio

Open Innovation Programs Manager

Olga Krasnikova

Innovations Support Manager

Anastasiya Dolgikh

Business Intelligence Analyst

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