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Cyber Immune operating system KasperskyOS

A new approach to protecting the internet of things, transportation, industrial automation and other IT infrastructures with high cybersecurity requirements

KasperskyOS-based solutions

Products based on KasperskyOS have innate protection against cyberattacks – both existing and unknown

Kaspersky IoT Infrastructure Security

Protecting the internet of things at the Cyber Immune gateway level

Kaspersky Secure Remote Workspace

Cyber Immune and functional thin client infrastructure

KasperskyOS benefits

KasperskyOS has been designed from scratch. It is the first operating system capable of creating IT products based on the Kaspersky Cyber Immunity®. These products can perform their critical functions even in an aggressive environment with no additional security features.

Mitigation of cyber-risks
The unique architecture of KasperskyOS-based products makes it possible to eliminate the risks associated with entire classes of cyberattacks
IT cost optimization
KasperskyOS-based products require no additional security features — everything you need is included
Transparency and flexibility
KasperskyOS enables you to configure products for specific functional and security requirements
The new Kaspersky Cyber Immunity®-based approach to information security

Key technologies

KasperskyOS was built with modern OS development trends in mind. We used proven and extensively documented approaches including MILS and FLASK, as well as our own proprietary security tools

Kaspersky Cyber Immunity®

The Cyber Immune approach at the heart of KasperskyOS enables the creation of inherently secure and safe (secure by design) IT systems that can perform their functions in an aggressive environment without additional (applied) security features.


The key architectural component of KasperskyOS that ensures the system’s reliability and transparency, our microkernel contains just a few thousand lines of code organized into compact modules. This is sufficient to ensure correct functioning of kernel mechanisms and the absence of undocumented features.

Kaspersky Security System

KasperskyOS allows you to create and apply tailored security policies for the solutions it powers. This is possible thanks to the Kaspersky Security System subsystem that controls communications between all parts of the solution to permit only authorized actions. This approach makes it possible to build robust, trusted systems using untrusted elements. Even if a vulnerability is successfully exploited in one element, it won’t affect the solution as a whole and won’t interfere with its critical functions.

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