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Kaspersky Secure Remote Workspace

Cyber Immune, manageable and functional thin client infrastructure

Cyber Immune thin client infrastructure

Kaspersky Secure Remote Workspace is a solution for building a managed and functional infrastructure of thin clients based on the Cyber Immune operating system KasperskyOS. Provides a secure connection to VDI and includes complementary products:

Secure access to virtual desktop

  • Support for basic connectivity

    Secure connection to virtual desktops deployed in a Skala-R VRM virtual desktop infrastructure. Ability to work remotely with physical and virtual desktops running Microsoft Windows or Astra Linux using RDP, with authorization via username and password.
  • Help with data protection

    Security certificate management and thin client protection with no need for additional tools (antivirus).
  • Secure USB operation

    Support for popular RUTOKEN, SafeNet, JaCarta tokens and USB drive forwarding.
  • Hardware platforms

    TONK TN 1200 — compact, high-performance thin client for VDI access.

Suitable for

A user's workstation is one of the most common targets for cyberattacks and malware deployment. A Cyber Immune thin client infrastructure provides the necessary level of security for secure VDI connectivity

Public Sector
Industrial Automation
Energy, Gas and Oil
Finance Services

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