Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security

Windows Embedded systems are becoming an ever more popular target for cybercriminals. These devices tend to operate inside the corporate network, to be geographically scattered and to handle critical data, often working with credit and debit cards. End-of-life Windows XP is still a standard for many such systems, as is low-end hardware.

Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security is specially designed to protect these systems against attacks targeting their contents and exploiting their limitations.

  • Default Deny for Apps, Drivers and Libraries

    The basis of effective protection for embedded systems, where everything not explicitly permitted to run is blocked.

  • Antivirus On-Demand

    Proven protection from the industry’s leading antivirus engine, capable of detecting even the most advanced and aggressive attacks.

  • File Integrity Monitoring and Log Audit

    Combines the efficiency of critical files protection and change-tracking with regulatory compliance requirements

Suitable For

This solution is particularly well suited to addressing the security requirements, concerns and constraints of these enterprise sectors.

In Use

  • Securing PoS and ATM Systems

    Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security mitigates the security risks inherent in embedded systems. The solution has been designed specifically for ATM and POS systems, protecting the attack surfaces unique to these architectures, while respecting related hardware and efficiency considerations, with technologies including:

    • Default Deny
    • Device Control
    • Memory Protection
    • Antivirus On-Demand
    • File Integrity Monitoring and Log Audit
  • Protecting Old Systems

    Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security has been built specifically to operate effectively even on low-end hardware. Efficient design delivers powerful security with no risk of systems overload. Requirements start from only 256Mb RAM for the Windows XP family, with around 50Mb space required on the system hard drive when operating in ‘Default Deny only’ mode. Antivirus is provided as an optional module and help to provide a classical method of protection on the old systems.

  • Protecting Embedded Systems

    Embedded systems present specific security concerns. They are generally geographically scattered, they can be challenging to manage and they are rarely updated. Kaspersky Embedded Security Systems can be used to control changes in the system, blocking everything that wasnt permitted


Premium Support

Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365. Take advantage of our Premium support packages, or call on our Professional Services to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your Kaspersky Lab security installation.

The Threats

Today we see Embedded systems everywhere: in ticketing machines, ATMs, kiosks, Point of Sale systems, medical equipment… the list goes on. Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security secures Windows based devices like these from unauthorized access and ongoing damage caused by cyber-attacks, protecting your business from:

  • Scan

    Theft and exploitation of customer credentials and confidential data

  • Scan

    Targeted attacks, initiated through your Windows Embedded systems

  • Scan

    All the costs associated with reputational and brand damage

  • Scan

    Theft through duplicate credit cards, using POS and ATM memory dumps

  • Scan

    Cash lost through the direct hacking of individual ATMs

  • Scan

    Having to update your hardware and OS in order to update your security

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