Blockchain Security

The Ultimate Cybersecurity for the Crypto-Economy

Designed specifically for blockchain-based projects, Kaspersky Blockchain Security protects against cyberthreats by detecting new types of attacks and vulnerabilities.

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Planning an ICO or STO?

Kaspersky Smart Contract Audit. Request an ultimate independent audit by Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Smart Contract Audit

Kaspersky Smart Contract Review guarantees in-depth Smart Contract code audit to identify logic errors, vulnerabilities and undeclared functionality.

  • Independent Audit by a trustful vendor
  • Transparency between smart contract and whitepaper
  • Reliability for your investors

Price from 3000 USD

Running a crypto exchange?

Kaspersky Crypto Exchange Security. Know more about cyber protection for any type of crypto exchanges.

Kaspersky Application Security Assessment

Kaspersky Application Security Assessment service is aimed to discover vulnerabilities in crypto exchange applications to mitigate cyber security risks.

  • White-box — audit based on source code review
  • Grey-box — audit based on access to privileged user account
  • Black-box — emulating an experienced external attacker

Kaspersky Penetration Testing

Kaspersky Penetration Testing identifies the weak points of your crypto exchange infrastructure with combination of 3 approaches:

  • External — emulates an attacker with no knowledge of your system
  • Internal — based on limited systems access such as a visitor
  • Social engineering — emulates social engineering attacks, such as phishing, pseudo-malicious links in emails, attachments

Why Kaspersky?

  • 1/3

    of our 4000 employees
    are R&D specialists

  • 360 000

    new malicious files are detected by Kaspersky Lab technologies every day

  • 40+

    world-leading security experts: our elite group

Case studies

Learn how companies secure their token sales, smart contracts and environments with Kaspersky Lab solutions

  • Nobobox

    Token Offering Security

    Customer management team wanted to be sure that neither design flaws nor vulnerabilities or undocumented features inside the Smart Contract affect the execution and success of the project.

  • Merkeleon

    Application Security Assessment

    Merkeleon was looking for a cybersecurity partner who would help them to achieve a synergy between security and crypto exchange development.


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