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June 02, 2023 - Press Releases
Following the report on the Operation Triangulation campaign targeting iOS devices, Kaspersky researchers have released a special ‘triangle_check’ utility that automatically searches for the malware infection. The tool is publicly shared on GitHub and available for macOS, Windows and Linux.
June 02, 2023 - Corporate News
Today Kaspersky has made public its 2022 financial results, with the company’s global non-audited International Financial Reporting Standards (IFSR) revenue totaling US$752 million*, an increase of 0.03%* year-on-year. Despite the challenging global environment, the company reported steady and robust results and operations throughout 2022 and continued its business growth in key segments, including in enterprise sales.
June 01, 2023 - Press Releases
Kaspersky researchers have uncovered an ongoing mobile Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) campaign targeting iOS devices with previously unknown malware. Dubbed as ‘Operation Triangulation’, the campaign distributes zero-click exploits via iMessage to run malware gaining complete control over the device and user data, with the final goal to hiddenly spy on users.
June 01, 2023 - Press Releases
A new Kaspersky Safe Kids study has revealed the most viewed children’s interests between May 2022 and April 2023
May 30, 2023 - Press Releases
Progress led by technology means following the latest innovations without pausing: a frantic pace that can stop us learning from technology’s past. Kaspersky’s Fast Forward audio series examines trends shaping technology from the perspective of the recent past and explores women’s leadership in IT. It features guests from around the world working at the forefront of our newest technologies.
May 26, 2023 - Press Releases
Kaspersky has introduced a new edition of its endpoint security product containing enterprise-level capabilities for SMBs. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Pro’s features include root-cause analysis, cloud discovery and blocking, data discovery and integrated cybersecurity training for IT administrators. The solution is cloud-based with diverse functionality making it easy to use and enabling companies to protect their business with no additional capital investments.
May 23, 2023 - Press Releases
Kaspersky discovered a new APT group. Dubbed GoldenJackal, it has been active since 2019, but has no public profile and has remained largely unknown. As the investigation shows, the group usually targets government and diplomatic entities in the Middle East and South Asia.
May 22, 2023 - Corporate News
Kaspersky has launched an update of Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) — game-based training that presents a software simulation of the real impact of malware and other attacks on business performance and revenue. KIPS has the power to make players think strategically, anticipate the consequences of an attack, and respond accordingly within time and money constraints. With the update of online KIPS, clients can also choose attacks from the library, play the game several times with different scenarios, create voice chats online, as well as collect and compare the results to previous training sessions.
May 19, 2023 - Press Releases
Kaspersky researchers have provided further details on the CommonMagic campaign, revealing more sophisticated malicious activities from the same threat actor. The investigation identified that the newly-discovered framework has expanded its victimology to include organizations in Central and Western Ukraine, in addition to the companies in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict area. Kaspersky experts have also linked the unknown actor to previous APT campaigns, such as Operation BugDrop and Operation Groundbait (Prikormka).
May 18, 2023 - Press Releases
The latest season of the hacker:HUNTER series, the first real-cybercrime series, tells the stories of children, for whom hacking turned into their favorite game. For the second year in a row, the series, co-produced by Kaspersky, will be broadcast worldwide by Euronews, Europe’s leading international news channel, with the first episode set to premiere on May 19.
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