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April 19, 2024 - Press Releases
Leading cybersecurity experts, scientists, business leaders and government officials from more than 20 countries worldwide have come together for the inaugural international Cyber Immunity Conference. Exploring the complex and evolving cyberthreat landscape the conference provided invaluable insights into the future of our digital age and celebrated the pioneering efforts of the first Cyber Immunity Champions.
April 18, 2024 - Press Releases
Kaspersky has presented an updated operating system for thin clients that offers enhanced connectivity, higher speed of applications delivery, lower total cost of ownership, user-friendly graphical interface and quick deployment. Kaspersky Thin Client 2.0 is the main component of the Cyber Immune solution for building thin client infrastructure in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, education and manufacturing.
April 18, 2024 - Press Releases
Kaspersky researchers have discovered an ongoing malicious campaign initially targeting a governmental entity in the Middle East. Further investigation uncovered more than 30 malware dropper samples actively employed in this campaign, allegedly expanding the victimology to APAC, Europe and North America. Dubbed DuneQuixote, the malware strings incorporate snippets taken from Spanish poems to enhance persistence and evade detection, with the ultimate goal of cyber espionage.
April 16, 2024 - Press Releases
Kaspersky has announced that its new solution, Kaspersky Extended Detection and Response (XDR), is now available to customers after a successful evaluation phase with early adopters in a test environment. Companies can now seamlessly integrate this advanced product into their infrastructure under its new name, ‘Kaspersky Next XDR Expert’.
April 10, 2024 - Press Releases
Kaspersky introduces its new flagship product line ‘Kaspersky Next’ combining robust endpoint protection with the transparency and speed of EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) alongside the visibility and powerful tools of XDR (Extended Detection and Response). Customers can now choose one of three product tiers tailored to their business requirements, the complexity of their IT infrastructure, and their available resources.
April 08, 2024 - Press Releases
A new evaluation by independent testing organization AV-TEST has awarded Kaspersky VPN with ‘Approved’ certificate, confirming its effectiveness as a leading provider of fast and secure connectivity across multiple devices and platforms
April 02, 2024 - Press Releases
Nearly 10 million devices fell victim to data-stealing malware in 2023, Kaspersky Digital Footprint Intelligence has revealed, drawing from insights gathered from infostealer malware log files traded on underground markets. With cybercriminals pilfering an average of 50.9 login credentials per infected device, the threat posed by data-stealers is growing for both consumers and businesses. The .com domain leads in compromised accounts, followed by domain zones associated with Brazil (.br), India (.in), Colombia (.co), and Vietnam (.vn).
March 26, 2024 - Press Releases
In 2023, Kaspersky's products held the leading position in the TOP3 metric
March 21, 2024 - Press Releases
Over 70% of businesses pay more than 100.000$ for additional training annually to keep skills of their cybersecurity employees up to date, a recent Kaspersky study has revealed. However, the surveyed companies also highlighted that there is a lack of relevant courses covering new challenging spheres in the educational market, and stated that training does not always bring them the expected result.
March 20, 2024 - Virus News
Three new dangerous Android malware variants have been analyzed by Kaspersky researchers. The Tambir, Dwphon, and Gigabud malicious programs exhibit diverse features, ranging from downloading other programs and credential theft to bypassing two-factor authentication (2FA) and screen recording, jeopardizing user privacy and security.
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