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Companies require better and faster threat detection and response, especially when it comes to new and sophisticated threats. With many stating their current tools often struggle to detect cyber risks, citing reduced average detection and response time (MTTD, MTTR) as their main cybersecurity goal, businesses require comprehensive solutions such as XDR to provide them with an all-encompassing view of their organization’s security[1].

At the end of last year, the company announced that the all-new Kaspersky XDR was available for early adopters, to evaluate the functionality of this product in their own test environments. After the successful completion of this early adoption period, Kaspersky XDR is now ready for implementation in a real-world infrastructure under its new official name, Kaspersky Next XDR Expert.

This solution is now the most advanced tier of Kaspersky’s new flagship product line for business – ‘Kaspersky Next’. It is tailored to meet the needs of companies with experienced cybersecurity teams or Security Operations Centers (SOC).

Kaspersky Next XDR Expert is a robust cybersecurity solution that aggregates, analyzes and correlates data from various sources across an organization’s IT infrastructure, providing real-time visibility and a contextual view of potential threats targeting organizations, to deliver advanced threat detection and automated response. With unrivaled scalability, it can support loads encompassing hundreds of thousands of endpoints in a single instance.

Kaspersky Next XDR Expert offers seamless integration with cybersecurity products from third-party vendors, enabling companies to streamline their security operations and simplify the management of multiple security solutions.

During the early adoption period, Kaspersky made significant advancements, reducing the hardware or virtual infrastructure requirements for implementing Kaspersky Next XDR Expert. Built on modern technologies such as microservices, Kubernetes, Docker, Ory Hydra and others, along with REST API integration, Kaspersky Next XDR Expert facilitates the deployment of additional solutions using contemporary and efficient development approaches. By eliminating reliance on decades-old legacy systems, this product empowers organizations to embrace cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

“We are thrilled to announce the commercial release of our Kaspersky Next XDR Expert, marking its debut after limited availability to early adopters and signaling the next significant advancement in cybersecurity solutions. During the early adoption period the product proved successful with customers and we received positive feedback on the necessary integrations with XDR, some of which have already been incorporated to the updated version of the product. Kaspersky Next XDR Expert represents our most advanced solution for business threat detection and automated response, so we hope this solution will help companies build more reliable and comprehensive cybersecurity protection against advanced threats”, comments Ilya Markelov, Head of Unified Platform Product Line at Kaspersky.

To learn more about Kaspersky Next XDR Expert, please visit the website.

[1]  SOC Modernization and the Role of XDR, Enterprise Strategy Group, 2022

Kaspersky Extended Detection and Response now available for implementation into business infrastructures

Kaspersky has announced that its new solution, Kaspersky Extended Detection and Response (XDR), is now available to customers after a successful evaluation phase with early adopters in a test environment. Companies can now seamlessly integrate this advanced product into their infrastructure under its new name, ‘Kaspersky Next XDR Expert’.
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