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Cyber Immunity is a ground-breaking approach to developing inherently secure IT systems.  It provides technological systems with in-built protection against existing and yet unknown cyber threats.  Cyber Immunity is already a trademark and is uniting more and more players in the industry with the goal of a secure future.

“We are honored to welcome all experts and guests to the first international Kaspersky Cyber Immunity Conference. For us, Cyber Immunity has been a long journey — it began 22 years ago with a visionary idea, grew into a methodology, and then into our own operating system and product portfolio. Now, it is evolving into a community of remarkable experts who share the philosophy of Cyber Immunity and are ready to build partnerships around it. It's a great journey, and it's starting again with new challenges and goals to pursue.", said Eugene Kaspersky, Kaspersky CEO.

At the conference, the cybersecurity company premiered its updated Cyber Immune product – Kaspersky Thin Client 2.0 - designed to protect remote workspace infrastructure. Enhanced in connectivity and performance, it is optimized for efficient use in organizations with an extensive branch networks and geographically distributed businesses. The product’s premiere was followed by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SCOPE Middle East. According to this agreement, SCOPE Middle East will distribute Kaspersky Thin Client 2.0 in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

"By joining forces with Kaspersky, SCOPE Middle East is fortifying digital defenses across the Middle East. Our partnership heralds a new era of cyber resilience, ensuring that businesses in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan stand fortified against evolving threats. Together, we empower organizations with cutting-edge Cyber Immune solutions and comprehensive security management suite plug-ins, safeguarding their digital landscapes with unparalleled efficacy," said Fadi AbuEkab, CEO of SCOPE Middle East.

Memorandums of Understanding between Kaspersky and Moro Hub (UAE), and Kaspersky and Favoriot (Malaysia), that were also signed at the conference, encompass joint collaborations in industrial IoT, cooperative market development, and advocacy for Cyber Immunity.

The conference featured a special Awards Ceremony celebrating Cyber Immunity Champions – early adopters of the approach who have been successfully working on its wider implementation and/or application amidst global digital transformation. Among them are ARC Advisory Group, Aswant Distribution (Malaysia ), Boll Engineering AG Germany), Centerm (China), IOTAC Association (EU), Municipal Council of Kangar (Malaysia), and TSplus (France).

“I highly appreciate the partnership between Kaspersky and TSplus, and happy to work together, building a safer digital future. I’m looking forward to meeting at Kaspersky Cyber Immunity Conference next year”, said Dominique Benoit, CEO at TSplus.

To stay up-to-date with news about Cyber Immunity and future events, check out the website.

Innovation journey: Dubai welcomed Kaspersky's Cyber Immunity Conference

Leading cybersecurity experts, scientists, business leaders and government officials from more than 20 countries worldwide have come together for the inaugural international Cyber Immunity Conference. Exploring the complex and evolving cyberthreat landscape the conference provided invaluable insights into the future of our digital age and celebrated the pioneering efforts of the first Cyber Immunity Champions.
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