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Independent anti-virus testers, AV-Comparatives, run an annual IT Security survey to understand which security products, operating systems and browsers were most widely used in the world in 2022. More than 2,600 users from most regions participated in the survey and answered questions on the subject of IT security.

The rapid and widespread adoption of the hybrid work model has led to the active use of personal laptops and mobile phones during the working day. Keeping in mind a growing level of cyberattacks and data leaks are caused by employee negligence, this style of work is making security software for both desktop and mobile operating systems more important than ever.

Almost 45% of AV-Comparatives respondents say they do not use security solutions on their mobile phones at all. Another half prefer not to take risks and protect their devices from possible threats by installing special security software. According to the survey, Kaspersky holds the top position for the most popular mobile security solutions provider in Asia and South/Central America, and second place in Europe and North America[1].

These great results were also seen in the desktop anti-malware solutions category. According to the respondents, Kaspersky was the most used desktop security product in Europe, Asia and South/Central America, coming in second in North America[2].

‘We are happy that users all over the world choose our solutions to protect their devices and data from cyber risks. It motivates us to develop and improve our technologies and products, ensuring customers one of the best protections from possible cyber threats’. – comments Alexander Shlychkov, Functional Leader of Product Marketing Management at Kaspersky.

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Kaspersky ranked among most popular global desktop and mobile security providers

Results based on independent global internet survey by AV-Comparatives.
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