June 21, 2017

DJs Superjam and Schedule 1 announced as official Sound Of Safety anthem holders

Winning Tracks Available for Free Download as Public and Jury Cast Their Votes

South Korean DJ and Producer, DJ Schedule 1, and his American peer, DJ Superjam have won the Sound of Safety competition, held by Kaspersky Lab and Starmus Festival 2017. Selected from a lineup of ten DJs from around the world, DJ Superjam has won the public vote, receiving 640 votes, and DJ Schedule 1 the Jury’s vote. The two winning tracks are now available to download free from Sound-of-Safety.com, where you will also find the other eight entrant’s submissions.

Sampling a range of sounds associated with feeling safe, DJ Superjam mixed children playing and water drops into his upbeat electronic track. DJ Schedule 1 chose a cork popping as his mix’s motif, winning over a jury made up of musicians, DJs, driving legend Giancarlo Fisichella and Starmus founder, Garik Israelian.

Other sounds of safety included rainfall and filling a bath through to the bustle of a city and the click shut of a helmet.

“To me, ‘cybersecurity’ sounded like something complex, something alien. Breaking it down into music – something we can identify with, something we can all hear and recognise – made it accessible, enjoyable even,” said winner, DJ Superjam. “It’s more important than ever that people know how to stay secure online, and if by hearing my music and through this project someone changes even just one habit that makes them safer online, well that’s a win.”

Engaging with sports stars, researchers and musicians, the Sound of Safety project set out to investigate which sounds we associate with feeling safe. “One’s sense of safety and security is subjective”, said Eugene Kaspersky, Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab. “A situation where one person feels secure can be hellish for others. And in the same way, a single piece of music can be calming to some, while putting others on edge.”

To turn the sounds into music, Kaspersky Lab and international house music record label Diamondhouse Records hand-picked a line-up of 10 globally acclaimed music producers and DJs. It was their mission to use these sounds and produce a series of exclusive tracks representing the ‘Sound of Safety’ in time for this year’s Starmus festival of science and arts in Trondheim, Norway.

“It was a real challenge playing around with these sounds. Turns out you can do quite a lot with a cork popping, who knew!” said winner DJ Schedule 1. “Birdsong and water drops were the obvious sounds I associated with safety. The cork on the other hand was a bit of a wildcard, so I thought I’d challenge myself and see what was possible. The results speak for themselves!”

Once released, these tracks were put to both a public and jury’s vote with DJ Superjam and DJ Schedule 1 winning respectively.

“Experimenting and looking for new things is crucial to being at the forefront of technological innovation,” continued Kaspersky. “But seeking out new things is usually great fun too. Our Sound of Safety project – launched to mark the 20th year of our company – is aimed at investigating the personal meaning of safety and security for different people, and the results are truly inspired.”

As well as listening to the winning tracks, here are some tips to keep you and your rig safe:

  • Get protected. This goes without saying, helping you stay fully protected against malware, spyware, hackers and identity theft at all times.
  • Keep up to date. Make sure all your devices are up to date with all the latest security and firmware.
  • Practice safe online shopping and banking. Keep an eye out for a URL that starts with ‘https’ and has the lock symbol when entering your card details or other personal information.
  • Privacy is key. Avoid using public Wi-Fi to access any web sites that need a login and password to access them, or that involves typing in confidential information.
  • Socialise safely. Use your social network’s privacy settings to their optimum level. Do you really need to display every detail about your life?
  • Safe passwords. Use secure passwords – ideally a different one for each Internet service. Set passwords to include 12 or more upper and lower case characters, special characters and numbers.
  • Stomp out spam. Most Internet Service Providers and security software programs have anti-spam technologies. The spam blocker will help prevent fraudulent emails from showing up in your Inbox.

For more information, and to watch our ‘Sound of Safety’ submission videos, visit the official Sound of Safety site here: http://sound-of-safety.com/.

Share your own Sound of Safety using #MySoundOfSafety.

Kaspersky Lab sponsors Starmus 2017, which takes place from 18-23 June 2017, and free live streaming of the whole festival at starmus.kaspersky.com

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