Kaspersky File Server Security

Kaspersky File Server Security For Windows and Linux

  • Centralized, real-time protection
  • Hierarchical Storage Management
  • Advanced Configuration
    • Manageability and reporting

      User-friendly management tools, easily accessible security status information, and robust reporting systems all help to simplify IT security management – which in turn helps improve flexibility, agility, and business productivity.

    • Ideal for complex network infrastructures

      Kaspersky Security for File Server protects Citrix and Microsoft terminal servers and runs on cluster servers. This provides greater manageability and interoperability for organizations trying to manage costs and optimize resources.

    • Support for virtualized environments and cloud

      Kaspersky Security for File Server comes with VMware Ready certification and can be deployed in Microsoft Azure.

    • Supports a range of popular server platforms

      Kaspersky Security for File Server delivers superior anti-malware protection for file servers running Windows, Linux or FreeBSD.

    • High performance – low impact

      With a new, optimized scanning engine and load balancing of server resources, Kaspersky Security for File Server provides protection – with minimal impact on system performance.

    • Reliable anti-malware and anti-ransomware protection

      If your system malfunctions or is forced to shut down, Kaspersky Security for File Server will restart automatically – to maintain superior anti-malware protection for your infrastructure, while you investigate the cause of the problem. Shared folders are protected from ransomware running on connected endpoints.

Kaspersky Security for File Server

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