• Kaspersky® Anti-Virus SDK

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK v.8 is a set of development libraries enabling the integration of Kaspersky Anti-Virus engine into third-party hardware or software products. Kaspersky Lab's award-winning anti-malware technology powers SDK v.8 with unparalleled reliability and versatility.

  • Kaspersky® Scan Engine

    Kaspersky Scan Engine provides you with the best-in-class threat detection solution that can be integrated into almost any application.

  • Kaspersky® SafeStream ll

    Kaspersky SafeStream II is a 1st-level anti-malware stream scanning technology for use with hardware pattern matching engines. It is focused upon the most prevalent threats, yields extremely high performance, and provides optimum protection scope.

  • Kaspersky® Anti-Spam SDK

    Kaspersky Anti-Spam Software Development Kit (KAS SDK) is the combination of the latest automated Anti-Spam technologies, together with human analysis providing supreme protection against spam and phishing and ensuring instant reaction to new spam outbreaks.

  • Kaspersky® Online File Reputation

    Use Kaspersky Lab’s unparalleled experience and high-tech solutions to protect your business and enable it to run more effectively by becoming able to instantly classify and analyze legitimate and malicious files.

  • Kaspersky® Mobile Security SDK

    Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK offers protection of mobile devices against known and emerging threats for EMM vendors, application developers, telecom companies, financial service and telemedicine providers.

  • Kaspersky® Web Filter

    Kaspersky Web Filter enables third-party solutions and services (including desktop/mobile applications, network-filtering software, and gateways) to protect users from phishing, malicious web sites, and inappropriate content.

  • Kaspersky® Anti-Phishing Feeds

    Kaspersky Phishing URL Data Feed offers real-time updated feed of confirmed phishing URLs, masks and IPs, providing our partners with deep coverage, high accuracy and reliable detection of increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks.

  • Kaspersky® Anti-Virus for UEFI

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus for UEFI (KUEFI) is the EFI BIOS level endpoint security solution providing effective protection from rootkits and bootkits and ensuring safe OS loading.

  • Kaspersky® Anti-Botnet Feeds

    Kaspersky Anti-Botnet Data Feed provides accurate, reliable and actionable intelligence about malicious botnets damaging your clients and disrupting your business.

  • Kaspersky® IoT Threat Data Feed

    Kaspersky Internet of Things Threat Data Feed provides reliable, detailed and frequently updated intelligence about the newest threats affecting Internet of Things (IoT) products and devices.

  • Kaspersky® Vulnerability Data Feed

    Kaspersky Vulnerability Data Feed accelerates security operations by providing data about security vulnerabilities and related cyber threat intelligence to reduce cyber risks and streamline investigation and response.

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