The Product

Email is the number one vector used by cybercriminals to penetrate and attack enterprise IT systems.

Kaspersky Security for Mail Server uses Next Generation technologies including advanced heuristics, machine learning and sandboxing to detect and protect against ransomware, spam, phishing, data loss and even unknown threats penetrating your IT systems through emails and malicious attachments.

  • Protection for mail servers

    Kaspersky Security for Mail Server works to protect mail on the latest versions of major emailing platforms – including Microsoft Exchange and Linux-based servers.

  • Multi-layered spam filtering

    Intelligent, cloud-assisted spam filtering for Microsoft Exchange and Linux-based mail servers works in real time to significantly reduce the traffic load from unwanted messages.

  • Optimizes use of system resources

    With a new anti-malware engine, load balancing of server resources, optimized scanning technology, and the ability to exclude specified objects from scanning processes, Kaspersky Security for Mail Server helps to maintain performance and minimize the resources needed to perform antivirus scans.

Suitable For

This solution is particularly well suited to addressing the security requirements, concerns and constraints of these enterprise sectors.

Case Studies


    VimpelCom is one of the worlds' largest groups of integrated communications operators. With a growing number of targeted attacks on major companies, VimpelCom recognized the need to safeguard itself against this type of threat.

          Estrella Galicia
    Estrella Galicia

    Hijos de Rivera is an independent company and has a large portfolio of products, including the Estrella Galicia brand of beer, mineral water, wine, cider, sangria and spirits. Faced with the need to centralize and unify the company’s IT policies, Hijos de Rivera decided to restructure its IT security at the end of 2013.

		Krombacher Brauerei
    Krombacher Brauerei

    In early 2014, Krombacher decided to replace its existing security system with a multi-level security concept. The Kreuztal based brewery has a network of 850 clients spread across three locations, and a number of field staff. Being able to manage the new security solution centrally was therefore absolutely essential.

In Use

  • Next Generation Threat Protection

    • Real-time and on-demand scanning filters out both known and previously unknown malware in all incoming mail and attachments.
    • Machine learning, human expertise and intelligence data combine to deliver proven high detection levels with minimal false positives.
    • Emulative sandbox execution ensures that even the most sophisticated and heavily obfuscated malware can’t penetrate
  • Anti-Spam, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Scam…

    • Machine learning-based anti-spam detection, supervised by human experts,  minimizes time and resource-wasting false positives
    • Neural network analysis supported by real-time URL threat intelligence protects against known and zero-hour phishing emails
    • Authenticated email management protects against scams, while flexible ‘attachment filtering’ policies reduce the risk of data leaks
  • The Wider Picture – Integration and Flexibility

    • Seamlessly integrates with the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack (KATA) platform, as well as with Kaspersky Endpoint Protection
    • VMware-Ready certification and Microsoft Azure deployment  support integration with your hybrid cloud environment
    • Multi-tenant management and flexible licensing help Managed Service Providers (MSPs) provide world-leading email as a service


Premium Support

Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365. Take advantage of our Premium support packages, or call on our Professional Services to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your Kaspersky security installation.

White Papers

Learn more, with thought leadership from our globally recognized cybersecurity experts

The Threats

Email remains the number one route into attacking and disrupting any major organization. Your choice of email security solution largely dictates the likelihood of:

  • Scan

    Ransomware attacking through an infected email or attachment

  • Scan

    Systems penetration as part of an APT

  • Scan

    Phishing scams, defrauding employees and the business

  • Scan

    Time-wasting, resource-hogging spam

  • Scan

    Time-wasting 'false positives' generated by over-automated anti-spam

  • Scan

    Data loss, and non-compliance with data protection legislation

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