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Kaspersky Thin Client

Cyber Immune thin client infrastructure

Advantages of Kaspersky Thin Client

Solution for building a Cyber Immune and managed infrastructure of thin clients based on microkernel operating system KasperskyOS


Infrastructure integration in just 2 minutes
Get your device up and running quickly with a compact deployment that lightens the load on your network infrastructure. Intuitive user and administrator interface


Unified management platform for information security and IT
Centralized management system allows you to manage not only thin client protection, but also protection of remote desktops and other Kaspersky products.


Cyber Immune product from a cybersecurity leader
Thanks to the Cyber Immune approach, KasperskyOS-based thin clients are secure by default
Kaspersky Thin Client
Cyber Immune, manageable and functional thin client infrastructure

Secure access to virtual desktop

  • Support for basic connectivity

    Secure connection to virtual desktops deployed in a Citrix Workspace or VMware Horizon infrastructure in the Web Access application. Supported connection to Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Базис.WorkPlace, to terminal servers and remote virtual desktops running Linux and Windows operating systems.
    Ability to access virtual applications via the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Broker.
  • Help with data protection

    Security certificate management and thin client protection with no need for additional cybersecurity tools.
  • Secure USB operation

    Redirect USB drives, smart cards, USB tokens, printers, a microphone, and audio playback devices connected to Kaspersky Thin Client to the remote environment.
  • Hardware platforms

    Centerm F620 — compact, high-performance thin client for remote connection

Suitable for

A user's workstation is one of the most common targets for cyberattacks and malware deployment. A Cyber Immune thin client infrastructure provides the necessary level of security for secure connection to remote and virtual desktops 

Public Sector
Industrial Automation
Energy, Gas and Oil
Finance Services

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