Government Cybersecurity

Meeting the most stringent security requirements of government organizations and related public bodies

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We provide rigorous protection against the most advanced current and even future threats to government bodies. Respecting the data security needs of often highly constrained environments, our proven solutions are fully scalable and highly adaptive, integrating flexibly into government IT infrastructures. The Kaspersky Private Security Network provides world-leading threat intelligence without any data leaving your perimeter, and our security services and unparalleled expertise are at your command.

What We Offer

Superior security providing unprecedented levels of reliable and efficient threat prediction, prevention detection and remediation, geared to the specific needs of government bodies worldwide.
  • Targeted attack detection

    Targeted attack detection

    We detect and prevent advanced attacks targeting government organizations

  • Compliance with local regulations and restrictions

    Compliance with local regulations and restrictions

    Our solution complies with regulatory standards including PII, PCI DSS, HIPAA, FIPS 140.2 etc.

  • Threat intelligence for isolated networks

    Threat intelligence for isolated networks

    Our fully-insulated private network facility is specifically designed for government bodies, securely analyzing and delivering real-time cyberthreat intelligence.

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In Use

A Comprehensive Vision for Government Cybersecurity

Government organizations are obvious targets for cyber-terrorism and state-sponsored attack, so investing in a targeted attack detection and mitigation strategy, empowering your SOC with the latest and best threat intelligence, is essential - even for isolated networks where data transfer outside the IT perimeter is not permitted. Education also helps government bodies to lower risk, by raising threat-awareness levels and promoting a culture where good cyber-hygiene practices are the norm.

Instantly Detecting and Responding to Targeted Attacks

Kaspersky Lab's unequalled protection performance is continuously proven through independent tests, while our Anti-Targeted Attack Platform delivers advanced detection of complex threats and identifies and responds to 'live' attacks on your systems, using innovative technologies including an 'on-premise' sandbox - ideal for government isolated networks. Our services portfolio provides systems hardening as well as Incident Detection and Response expertise.

Providing Real-Time Threat Intelligence with no Compliance Issues

Fed by the latest threat intelligence from the external Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), together with internal data gathered and processed solely within your isolated networks, the Kaspersky Private Security Network (KPSN) installs and operates entirely within your IT infrastructure, under your full control. KPSN helps deliver outstanding levels of threat prevention, protection and detection without a single item of data leaving your IT systems perimeter.

Empowering your SOC to Help Repel Future Cyberthreats

Our portfolio of Threat Intelligence Services includes the provision of real-time threat data, feeding directly into leading SIEMs, while threat reporting, precisely targeted to your requirements, can be delivered in the most appropriate formats. We can further empower your SOC teams with specialist training in areas like Advanced Digital Forensics and Malware Analysis, or provide our own expert teams to complement your existing skills base as needed.

Adaptive Security Framework

Prediction and Prevention work to stop an incident before it evolves into an accident. Detection and Response define the discovery and remediation of an accident. In this paradigm, each subsequent stage requires greater resource consumption to react than does the preceding stage.

Too often, security receives the budget it’s perceived to deserve, not the budget it actually needs. Security must be highly prioritized and significantly invested in to ensure successful deployment and a strong RTO.

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Cybersecurity Services

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The Risk

Government organizations are natural targets for cyber-warfare – from espionage and blackmail through to politically motivated attacks:

  • Cyber-terrorism and state-sponsored attack

  • Cyber-espionage

  • Hacktivism

  • DDoS attack to public sector services

  • Traditional malware threats including Trojans, phishing etc

  • Cryptors and ransomware

  • Attacks to portable or mobile devices

  • Cyber-incidents resulting from human error

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