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Kaspersky DDoS Protection

Total defense against all forms of DDoS attack

The Product

Kaspersky DDoS Protection delivers complete integrated DDoS attack mitigation to ensure the continuity of your critical online resources and infrastructure. From the continuous analysis of online traffic, through to alerting you of possible attacks, receiving your redirected traffic, cleaning it and returning your ‘clean’ traffic to you, Kaspersky DDoS Protection provides everything your organization needs to defend against – and mitigate the effects of – all forms of DDoS attack.

What We Offer

To defend your business against DDoS attacks, you need a solution that detects attacks as rapidly as possible. Kaspersky DDoS Protection fights attacks on two fronts: via DDoS intelligence and through Kaspersky Lab’s special defense infrastructure. Our Security Intelligence Teams use sophisticated methods to monitor the DDoS threat landscape and stay ahead of the criminals – so we can detect DDoS attacks even earlier. And we use a combination of on-site & off-site technologies to protect your business:

24х7х365 Traffic analysis

Unique sensor technology for real-time traffic inspection

Always-On and On-Demand work modes

Permanent or on-demand traffic redirection to scrubbing centers

Highly scalable EU based cleaning centers

Highly scalable and failover cleaning centers in Amsterdam and Frankfurt

Emergency Response Team 24/7

The dedicated emergency response team of Kaspersky Lab experts is available 24/7 to monitor anomalies, mitigate attacks and support clients

Suitable for

This solution is particularly well suited to addressing the security requirements, concerns and constraints of these enterprise sectors.

The Use

  • Security Intelligence

    Enterprises across all sectors face a shortage of the up-to-the-minute, relevant data necessary to help manage the risks associated with IT security threats. Kaspersky Lab’s expertise and deep intelligence regarding every aspect of cybersecurity has made us the trusted partner of the world’s premier law enforcement and government agencies - working to continuously improve the detection and prevention of DDoS attacks.

  • How it Works

    A sensor, installed either in our DDoS Protection Cloud or at your premises, gathers traffic data to build up profiles of your typical visitor behavior and different traffic patterns. Live traffic is then monitored in real time, so any anomaly indicative of a possible attack can be identified and immediately responded to.

    In parallel, our cybersecurity intelligence experts continuously monitor the DDoS threat landscape, working to identify planned attacks which could be directed your way.

  • The Complete Service – from Detection to Post-attack Reporting

    Kaspersky DDoS Protection covers every stage of defending your business against DDoS attacks, through:

    • Analyzing your Internet traffic – 24/7
    • Alerting you to any possible attack
    • Redirecting your traffic to our Cleaning Center
    • Returning ‘clean’ traffic to your network

Premium Support

Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365. Take advantage of our Premium support packages, or call on our Professional Services to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your Kaspersky lab security installation.

The Threats

Any lack of DDoS attack protection leaves your IT critical services open to harm:

  • Your services can be brought down

  • An attack could  cause grave corporate financial consequences

  • An attack could prove a 'Smoke Screen',  hiding something even worse

  • The reputational damage caused by a DDoS attack can be significant

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