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Kaspersky Who Calls

Identify and block spam calls

Stay one step ahead of scammers

Our easy-to-use, reliable caller ID means you always know exactly who's calling you – so your phone becomes a safe space for communication.
  • Identifies phone numbers based on AI algorithms and user feedback
  • Detects and automatically blocks fraudulent and spam calls
  • Categorizes unwanted calls without internet connection in Premium mode
Compatible with:
  • Android™
  • iOS®
Kaspersky Who Calls

Identify spam and scam calls immediately

Our verification technologies and large database of phone numbers protect you from scam calls by helping you make informed decisions quickly. Plus, any repeated scam callers are automatically blocked.

Know exactly who’s calling you

Automatic Caller ID means the app displays everything you’d want to know about an incoming call, from the name of the organization calling to its category and level of trustworthiness.

Filter out scam calls on WhatsApp

Who Calls detects spam on WhatsApp too. Filter incoming calls, identify callers like banks or research firms, block spam, and add suspicious WhatsApp callers to our database to protect others.

Block all spam calls or just specific numbers

Your phone, your rules. This premium feature lets you block numbers by category – like ‘all spam’ or ‘withheld numbers’. You can also submit spam numbers to our database, helping us improve Who Calls.

Keep your private data secure

To set up and use Kaspersky Who Calls you do not need to provide us with your phone number or any other confidential information. Download the selected solution to your mobile phone from the app store using the buttons below or the QR code.

Scan me to download

Get the app on your smartphone now to enjoy immediate protection from spam and scam calls. Set everything up in just a few taps, with no need to register personal details such as your phone number.

Scam calls are on the rise*

Kaspersky Who Calls blocks unwanted calls by combining AI technology with our extensive database of phone numbers


of unknown callers are scammers


rise in spam numbers in our database since 2020

* Stats obtained using anonymized statistics from the Kaspersky Who Calls application

System Requirements

Kaspersky Who Calls for iOS

  • iOS 15-17
  • iPhone 5s or a newer model
  • 300 MB of free disk space in the main memory of the device
  • Internet connection
  • SIM card installed on the device

Kaspersky Who Calls for Android

  • Android 8 - 14
  • Smartphone or tablet with a GSM module
  • 30 MB if you are not using offline number databases on your device, 80 MB if you are using offline number databases on your device
  • Internet connection
  • SIM card installed on the device
  • Screen resolution: 320x480 pixels or higher
  • Platforms: ARMv7, or ARMv8 (except for NVIDIA Tegra K1)


  • English
  • Indonesian
  • Russian