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With a shared passion for skill and performance, we’re proud to support major sporting talent. We’ve built strong relationships with Scuderia Ferrari in Formula One™, Envision Virgin Racing in Formula E and Eintracht Frankfurt football club. Plus, our partnership with Amna Al Qubaisi in the Formula 4 Italian Championship demonstrates our belief in rising stars and female achievement.


Like all great partnerships, this one is built on shared values and vision: passion, innovation, cutting edge technology and a constant desire to succeed are at the core of everything Scuderia Ferrari and Kaspersky do.

Scuderia Ferrari and Kaspersky
A passionate partnership

Scuderia Ferrari is synonymous with the world’s premier racing championship; it is the oldest and most successful team in Formula One™ history.

Kaspersky is not only a sponsor to Scuderia Ferrari – we are an active and very proud partner of the entire Ferrari brand. Motorsport and cybersecurity have a lot more in common than you might imagine.

In the high-octane world of Formula One™, performance is everything – Scuderia Ferrari knows well what that means.

Similarly, when consumers and companies need IT security they can trust… performance makes the difference between being safe or falling victim to the latest cyberthreats.

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Performance at Ferrari is very important, so we need to ensure security without compromise
Francesca Duri Chief Technical Officer, Ferrari S.p.A.

The ultimate race
against time

The technological innovations devised, developed & deployed in Formula One™ will make a massive contribution to the world during the 21st century and beyond.

The ERS system provides

4 Mega Joules

of energy every lap

The car has a carbon fibre composite
chassis, with honeycomb construction,
fitted with a halo protection device
over the cockpit.

The overall weight of the SF90 is

743 Kg

including coolant, oil and driver

Securing the future of mobility
The need for built-in security

Modern cars are not just electromechanical vehicles anymore.

With each generation, they become more and more connected, incorporating new progressive intelligent technologies, making vehicles more efficient, comfortable and safe. At the same time, new technologies like remote diagnostics, telematics and infotainment bring new challenges to the industry, turning connected vehicles into cyberattack targets.

The growing risk of a vehicle being infiltrated, or having its safety, privacy and financial features violated, requires methodical, organizational and technical measures to ensure protection.

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A rising star in the motorsport industry.

Talent and speed

Antonio Giovinazzi is a young and very talented Italian racing driver. It is not by chance that Scuderia Ferrari picked him to be the official reserve driver for its Formula 1® team, the first step to a sporting life, full of success.

Antonio is currently the official racing driver for Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 together with teammate Kimi Raikkonen.

Antonio drove his career to stardom trough the minor formulas, shining In the FIA Formula 3 European Championship and the International GP2 series. Giovinazzi has now fulfilled the dream of his life and the wish of ALL race drivers since the beginning of their path in the sport and that is to drive for Ferrari, the most prestigious racing car maker in the world.

I am always on the go and connected to my PC and smartphone, as well as my driving simulator of course. Knowing my digital life is protected by Kaspersky makes me feel part of a safer world.

Antonio Giovinazzi, Formula One® racing driver


Kaspersky is a Premium Partner of the Bundesliga team through to 2021. Through the partnership Eintracht Frankfurt will benefit from Kaspersky's 20+ years of experience in cybersecurity which will help support the performance of the team.

History and experience
securing future performance

Kaspersky is a Premium Partner to Eintracht Frankfurt, a founder member of the Bundesliga with a proud heritage.

We’re protecting the club on and off the pitch, providing security and reassurance every day. Just like the team, we’re constantly looking for powerful new strategies and anticipating every possible threat to stay ahead of the competition. Passionate and rational in equal measure, we think fast and react instantly to create the highest possible chance of success.

We’re dedicated to elite performance, but just like world of football, we’re also open to all. With products and services accessible across the globe to help everyone beat cyber threats. Together, we make a winning team.

This cooperation gives us a chance to put a stronger focus on IT security within Eintracht’s business and as a result raise awareness of the topic amongst others.
Axel Hellmann, Board Member of Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG

Amna Al Qubaisi
"The Flying Girl"

Amna Al Qubaisi is a motorsport sensation. Hailing from the UAE, she's the first female Emirati to race in Formula 4. At Kaspersky we believe in the power of strong female role models. We are delighted to support Amna in her quest for success.

Any obstacles can be overcome
with hard work and determination

As Amna grew up, the roar of an engine was never far away and a passion for motorsport was inevitable. By 13 years of age she had begun practising on the track and she started competing in Formula 4 at just 17 years old.

Thanks to her tenacity, skill and courage Amna has acheived a huge amount in her career already. She was the Rotax Max Challenge Champion for the 2016-17 season, the GCC Young Driver Academy winner and won the UAE Teen Sports & Fitness Awards.

These achievements show that great rewards can be acheived by women who take risks and believe in themselves - values that Kaspersky shares and that support our endorsement of "The Flying Girl".

I’ve spent most of my life behind a steering wheel and want to show that women are capable of doing what a man can do in a male-dominated sport.
Amna Al Qubaisi, Abu Dhabi Racing

A star in the making

From the start of her fledgling career, "The Flying Girl" has delivered some huge results and had a significant impact on the track.

Amna Al Qubaisi was

The First

Emirati girl to win the

Rotax Max Challenge Series

In the Rotax Max Challenge

Series Amna scored

173 Points:

more than any other driver

She was the first

Arab Woman

to qualify for the

F4 Championship

Securing the future of mobility
The need for built-in security

Modern cars are not just electromechanical vehicles anymore.

With each generation, they become more and more connected, incorporating new progressive intelligent technologies, making vehicles more efficient, comfortable and safe. At the same time, new technologies like remote diagnostics, telematics and infotainment bring new challenges to the industry, turning connected vehicles into cyberattack targets.

The growing risk of a vehicle being infiltrated, or having its safety, privacy and financial features violated, requires methodical, organizational and technical measures to ensure protection.

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Cybersecurity meets science.

Intelligence. Strategy.

Kaspersky is the official cybersecurity partner of FIDE and World Chess. Our support for the sport of chess stems from the values of intelligence, strategy and sophistication that we share with the sport.

A meeting
of minds

Modern-day chess is a sport that combines human intellectual excellence with mathematical accuracy and computer analysis like no other.

As the combination of human expertise and advanced computer technologies is at the core of our business philosophy, Kaspersky is proud to join FIDE and World Chess as cybersecurity partner.

The ultimate game of strategy, chess involves lots of excitement and tension. The top chess tournaments are all about human brainpower – aided today by computer technologies. Some games at the very top level are simply among the top human achievements – real masterpieces. And we’re happy to become a part of this.
Eugene Kaspersky, Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky

Supporting masters, champions and future stars

Kaspersky provides a range of support to chess players including chess Grandmaster and World Vice Champion Sergey Karjakin; young candidate master Andrey Tsvetkov; and Grandmaster and world junior chess champion Mikhail Antipov.

The game of chess has been played for over

1,000 years

The World Chess Championship takes place in London in

November 2018

The longest game of chess theoretically possible is

5,949 moves

True cybersecurity ensures a
bright future for world chess

Chess is one of the internet success stories of the 21st century, with hundreds of millions of players now competing regularly online. New technology has transformed the way the sport is organized, presented and played, enabling fans worldwide to use their devices to follow every move made by the elite players, streamed live from the top tournaments. And on PCs and mobile devices worldwide, tens of thousands of chess lovers are logging on and playing. In February 2017 FIDE, World Chess and Kaspersky jointly announced a cybersecurity partnership, initially embracing the two-year World Chess Championship cycle in 2017-18.

The agreement is the culmination of a growing relationship and a recognition of the vital importance of having world-class cybersecurity measures in place to protect and enhance the sport.

The partnership will include cybersecurity protection at FIDE headquarters in Switzerland, elite chess players competing in the World Chess Championship and the infrastructure of the tournament.

It also includes group cybersecurity training for players, while Kaspersky’s branding will be visible on all player tables during the matches of the 2017-18 championship.

One of Kaspersky’s first interventions was to deploy its market-leading Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) solution within FIDE and World Chess, providing continuous, high-speed analysis and protection of all online traffic, including data shared via the Amazon Web Services public cloud platform used by FIDE and World Chess. Kaspersky specialists also completed a detailed application security assessment and discovered vulnerabilities and cybersecurity threats. Kaspersky helped to prepare the plan of vulnerability remediation and make the application more secure.

Preserving mankind’s cultural
heritage & historical artefacts

Kaspersky is proud to support the preservation of the Akrotiri Bronze Age settlement on the island of Santorini that was destroyed by a volcanic eruption around 1615 BC.

The site is a precious cultural relic which could disappear if not properly explored, treated and conserved. It is our honour to help preserve the legacy of this wonderous artefact.

Understanding threats
across the centuries

The threats posed by natural disasters like this were as grave to people of the time as cyberthreats are to modern society.

As an authority on cybersecurity and threats to humanity, it's essential that we know the history and evolution of threats across the centuries and understand how people have faced and defeated them.

In Akrotiri, our desire to understand threats to humanity sees Kaspersky funding 3 fascinating projects that will explore and protect the extensive architectural remains and well-preserved wall paintings from this ancient civilization.

Our mission is building a safer world. This means not only the world of today and the world of the future, but also to understand the history and evolution of threats across the centuries.
Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky

Kaspersky's own
professional snooker tournament

Snooker requires a sharp mind. A keen eye. And a high level of strategic thinking in order to enjoy success.

These traits are essential to Kaspersky too. Our mission to save the world depends upon the dedication, creativity and skill of our experts all around the globe.

Tactics. Psychological strength.
Flawless technique.

Snooker is a unique game with a rich heritage, complex rules and a global footprint. As a sport, snooker is a perfect fit with our corporate values of intelligence, attention to detail and strategic thinking.

Moreover, many Kaspersky employees are devoted fans of the game. Our co-founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky enjoys both playing and watching snooker, appreciating the action and drama each frame offers.

Because of these facts, Kaspersky is delighted to sponsor the Riga Masters tournament, held annually in Latvia.

Snooker requires strategy, accuracy and forward thinking. These are some of the traits we use in cyber security.
Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky

Enhancing the Future
with Artful Collaborations

Kaspersky has a longstanding commitment to contemporary art, leading on a creative journey that brings together pioneering artists and technology visionaries, to explore and create a cultural future for humanity.

Kaspersky Total Security 2020
Living in a Light Box
With SHOK-1

Kaspersky has commissioned British art pioneer SHOK-1 to create a dazzling X-ray of Midori Kuma, guardian of all things digital and our inspirational mascot. The collaboration expresses the twin values of trust and transparency, underlining their importance in today’s world.

The Midori Kuma X-ray comes as part of a wider collaboration with SHOK-1. Other standout pieces include a unique light box exhibited in Venice at the V-A-C Foundation, and a short film exploring SHOK-1’s creative process and philosophy.

Transparency is a crucial step on the route to the truth.
SHOK-1 British Artist

Kaspersky Total Security 2019
Saving the world, fast
with D*Face

In an effort to Save the World and unleash creativity, encourage freedom of expression and further innovation, Kaspersky has boosted a significant creative collaboration with British multimedia street artist D*Face on the theme of Kaspersky's mission statement 'Save the World'. The art series commissioned by Kaspersky and designed by the artist contains three instalments: a major permanent public mural located in Brooklyn, the livery of the Virgin Racing Team drivers’ helmets and the livery of the team's show car. Finally, the artwork is also featured on a limited edition of Kaspersky Total Security v.2019 product.

It is exciting to work with Kaspersky on this project and create art with a real message of hope for a better future. After all, this is our world and we need to look after it. It will take every one of us to make a real lasting, impactful change
D*Face International Street Artist

Kaspersky Total Security 2018
Back To Work
With Ben Eine

Kaspersky has commissioned London-based street art luminary/street art letterforms pioneer Ben Eine to design a unique 'K' artwork celebrating Kaspersky's 20th anniversary, and featured on the release of a limited edition Kaspersky Total Security v.2018 product.

To seal the partnership, an art film exploring Eine’s art practice and his creative process was commissioned by Kaspersky to premiere at the Electric Cinema in Shoreditch.

Kaspersky and I have similar Ethos. It's the same in the art world, whereby you need to keep your ideas safe. It's two different worlds coming together to make something amazing.
Ben Eine, International Street Artist

the future

Space development and exploration are actively driven by data and advanced technology and it is important that the industry remains protected. Kaspersky inspire people by supporting space initiatives that relies intrinsically on data and technology to help ensure a brighter and safer future.

Kaspersky is sponsoring the legendary Gagarin Research and Test Cosmonaut Training Center — which has been on the forefront of manned space exploration for the last 60 years and has a training center for astronauts all over the world — and is holding special Cybersecurity Training for cosmonauts and IT specialists.

Kaspersky has been supporting Starmus since 2016 — an international festival combining Science, Art and Music, bringing together prominent Scientists, Nobel Laureates, Top Artists and Legendary Astronauts — with the aim to share, inspire and educate the next generation of great minds.

The new mission of our company is BUILDING A SAFER WORLD, and I truly believe that a safer world can only be built upon the foundation of the appreciation of science and its heritage. BRING ON THE FUTURE!

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky

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