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Kaspersky Internet Security, the company’s one-license security suite, has achieved an Advanced+ Award from AV-Comparatives, receiving maximum points in the recent Enhanced Real-World Test conducted by the independent anti-virus software testing organization. The security product scored top marks across all 15 test scenarios, demonstrating the strength of its protection against exploits, fileless malware and other advanced cyberthreats.

The Enhanced Real-World Test is designed to evaluate how well consumer solutions stand up to the rigors of specific, real-life targeted attack techniques. This is the first test from the AV-Comparatives to evaluate the abilities of security products to protect computers from targeted attacks, including fileless threats, mapped to Tactics, Techniques and Procedures from MITRE’s ATT&CK framework.

Kaspersky is one of only two vendors among all six participants to achieve a perfect score in all 15 scenarios in the test. Each of the scenarios included in the test synthesize a malicious attack using typical hacking and penetration techniques which would allow attackers to access internal computer systems. Through a range of tactics and resources, the tests mimics malware used in the real-world, involving both staged and non-staged malware samples.

“Kaspersky was keen to take part in this test to provide customers with an extra layer of assurance and confidence when selecting products to protect their devices. With the nature of attacks evolving rapidly, it is imperative that we constantly assess the capabilities of our products to ensure they stand up against real-world scenarios. The Advanced+ award is testament to the robustness of Kaspersky Internet Security 2020 and provides peace of mind to our customers that they are choosing a reliable security solution to protect their activities on the Internet,” comments Evgeny Vovk, Head of External Benchmarking and Technology Positioning at Kaspersky.

The unique testing methodology also gives vendors vital feedback on the real-world application and capabilities of their products, from which they can make key improvements and future enhancements to develop the most robust solutions possible. AV-Comparatives invited 16 AV vendors to enter this test, but only six security product developers agreed to take part, with the others deciding to opt out.

To read the results of the AV-Comparatives Enhanced Real-World Test in full, please visit the following link. More information about Kaspersky Internet Security and its features is available here.

Kaspersky Internet Security receives a perfect score for protection against advanced threats

The security product scored top marks across all 15 test scenarios
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