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From helping us get from A to B, to ordering food and staying in touch with friends, the digital world has now become so ingrained in our daily lives that not having internet access can be a major concern. In fact, people today are so reliant on connectivity that 23%would prefer to be caught naked in public than not have their connected device with them, according to new research from Kaspersky Lab. Properly looking after our devices and ensuring a stable connection wherever we are, and whatever we are doing, is therefore more important than ever.

Think about a normal day in your life. How much do you rely on an active internet connection? Do you think you would be able to get through a day without any internet at all? If your answer is ‘no’, you’re not the only one. Staying connected is now a life essential for many users, especially when they are on the go. As such, over a fifth (22%) of respondents to a recent Kaspersky Lab survey say that being connected is as important to them as having easy access to food, water and shelter.

Our reliance on devices, and the connectivity they provide, is now so strong that losing a smartphone or tablet can be more stressful than many other traumatic situations. Nearly all respondents (90%) said they would feel stressed if their device was lost or stolen, which is higher than missing a train/airplane (88%), being involved in a minor car accident (88%), or getting sick (80%).

What’s more, people are prepared to risk embarrassment and even personal harm in order to stay connected. For example, 26% have looked at their phone screen when crossing the street and 21% when walking in an unknown/dangerous area. In addition, 1-in-5 said they feel naked without their connected device. This is something that Kaspersky Lab investigated further in a recent experiment, when one helpless and naked volunteer was tasked to try and locate his clothes in an unknown city, without a phone and all advantages it gives. As our study and this social experiment have demonstrated, going without a connected device is like being naked.

“Connectivity has quickly become a staple of modern life and for many, an absolute necessity. Our desire to be online at all times, and the things we are prepared to do to maintain that digital connection, highlights how important connected devices are to us. However, with connectivity extending into all aspects of our lives, security can’t be overlooked, and should be there, whatever you are doing and wherever you are. Users need to ensure that, no matter the situation, their connection remains secure,” says Dmitry Aleshin, VP for Product Marketing, Kaspersky Lab.

There is a way for consumers to achieve this balance. Kaspersky Security Cloud is able to adapt to people’s connectivity needs and contains several features to help Mac, Windows, iOS and Android users live their digital lives without the risk of losing their connectivity when it’s needed most:

  • When you can’t afford for your computer to let you down, Hard Drive Health Monitor predicts and tracks errors to your computer’s hard drive.
  • If your device is lost or stolen, the Anti-Theft feature will help you locate and get your Android device back – for example by turning on the alarm, locking and locating the device, and even take a mugshot of the person using the device.
  • If you are relying on public Wi-Fi to stay connected – Secure Connection allows you to protect your information by encrypting all your traffic so that no-one else can intercept and misuse your data.
  • If you are afraid of your battery to run low – Device Power Consumption tells you how much battery you have left on your Android device, and how much time you have before it runs out.
  • If your children are away from home and you want them to stay connected – Battery Tracker, a new feature in Kaspersky Safe Kids, notifies parents when the battery level gets low on their children’s mobile devices.

1-in-4 Would Rather Be Caught Naked Than Go Without Their Connected Device

From helping us get from A to B, to ordering food and staying in touch with friends, the digital world has now become so ingrained in our daily lives that not having internet access can be a major concern.
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