Employee errors and incidents have, for a long time, made protection from cyberthreats difficult for businesses. According toKaspersky Lab’s ICS Survey, a quarter of industrial organizations claim they have had at least one cybersecurity incident over the last 12 months because of employee errors or unintentional actions.To avoid becoming a part of this distressing statistic in the future, the Donau Chemie Group has selected Kaspersky Lab as its trusted cybersecurity partner.

The Donau Chemie Group, which supports brand owners and retail chains with the production of different chemical materials, has always had cybersecurity at the heart of its business processes. However, with its IT infrastructure steadily growing in complexity, the company started to look for a trusted partner, which could not only provide it with an easy-to-manage, integrated cybersecurity platform, but also motivate employees to close the gaps in their cybersecurity knowledge. After piloting several options, the Donau Chemie Group has chosen the Kaspersky Cybersecurity Awareness Platform to provide its employees with cybersecurity education.

The Donau Chemie Group’s priority was to measure the effectiveness of training staff about cybersecurity. Traditional offline education platforms had failed to reinforce technical cybersecurity hygiene skills, and they had not motivated non-IT employees to achieve the desired behavioral changes. Aware of this, the Donau Chemie Group’s IT team hoped that the Kaspersky Cybersecurity Awareness Platform would meet both its education efficiency and success management goals.

The Kaspersky Cybersecurity Awareness Platform allows the IT management team to track the learning progress of their colleagues in real-time. With specific exercises suiting various cybersecurity awareness profiles, all users can take part in training and get the skills they really need. The platform not only delivers knowledge, but also helps staff to develop new behavior patterns. After finishing each learning exercise block - which consists of interactive education and simulation – users receive a bug report, so they can learn from their mistakes. An additional advantage for participants is that they do not need to spend much time on training and can tailor their session schedules according to their needs.

With the Kaspersky Cybersecurity Awareness Platform, I am sure that all employees at the Donau Chemie Group will get the skills they need to boost their cybersecurity hygiene levels. As we already have a click rate of less than 2% in phishing tests, we can now think about implementing more sophisticated tests – to reach the next level of cybersecurity awareness and improve the skills of our staff,” - says Christian Lang, IT Manager at Donau Chemie.

On top of Security Awareness Platform, targeted to “regular” employees, Donau Chemie uses Kaspersky Lab’s “Cybersecurity for IT Online” training. It is a relatively new product, equipping IT managers, service desk specialists and developers with practical skills on how to recognize a possible attack scenario in an ostensibly benign PC incidents, respond to it and, when necessary, collect evidence for more in-depth investigations. 

"With the increasing sophistication of cyberthreats, IT specialists are expected to be cybersecurity savvy by default. They must know how to be the first line of defense for their company, and effectively evade any kind of cyberthreat they may meet at work. Kaspersky Lab, providing specific training programs for different groups of employees, is a trusted cybersecurity partner. It offers easy to configure security solutions, which can be chosen and set to suit the specific requirements of each business. The result is that everyone can feel confident about information security,” comments Vyacheslav Borilin, Security Education Program Manager at Kaspersky Lab.

Improving employees’ cybersecurity awareness is only one layer of defense for businesses to consider. Alongside this, every company needs an integrated corporate, multi-layered cybersecurity platform. To ensure that its IT infrastructure is protected against malware, ransomware, cryptominers and other threats, the Donau Chemie Group has implemented Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business.

To learn more about Kaspersky Lab’s security awareness services please visit our website. More information about Kaspersky Lab’s Next Generation endpoint security is available here.

Good Chemistry: the Donau Chemie Group partners with Kaspersky Lab to boost its cyber-defenses

Employee errors and incidents have, for a long time, made protection from cyberthreats difficult for businesses.
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