Every person is unique and, just like their fingerprints, everyone’s digital life is different too. That’s why every Internet user needs a security solution that adapts to their online behavior – this was the rationale behind the release of Kaspersky Security Cloud. The new service combines comprehensive protection against cyberthreats (a must-have in today’s world) and a range of additional scenarios that come into play only when they are truly needed.

Kaspersky Security Cloud is the first security-as-a-service solution with a tailored approach for the individual and for family needs. Thanks to its patented adaptive technology, the service uniquely configures itself to its user’s behavior, regardless of the device he or she is operating. In addition to adaptive cross-platform scenarios, the service applies Kaspersky Lab’s award-winning protection against malicious programs and websites, as well as against risks to privacy and online payments , utilizes VPN for the encryption of Internet traffic, password manager for creating and storing strong passwords, and protects children.

Kaspersky Security Cloud’s groundbreaking protection methods originate from its unique ability to act as a user’s companion, offering useful advice. It protects a user not only from cybercriminal activities, but also from the user’s risky choices, which can lead to undesirable consequences, and suggests protection scenarios and recommendations to suit different situations.

For example, the service will notify the owner about reported password leaks that affect the services they use, and advise them to change a compromised password as soon as possible. It will give a warning if a newly created password is not strong enough, and help to create a stronger one. It will point out weak settings on a protected device and give recommendations on how to strengthen them. The service can also see when an unknown device connects to a user’s home network and, if it is owned by another family member, will suggest protecting it as well, or, if it is a stranger’s device, will give instructions on how to prevent it, and other unknown devices, from connecting to the home network. It will advise updating apps on a device if they contain known vulnerabilities and switch on traffic encryption if the Wi-Fi a device is connected to is not secure. Numerous other adaptive scenarios like these will be added over time to reflect user needs and the changing digital landscape.

Kaspersky Security Cloud is provided on a subscription basis. It is tied to the user’s account on the My Kaspersky portal from where it is easy and convenient to manage the solution’s configuration. A subscription for a single user includes one account, and protection for up to five devices. A family subscription includes twenty accounts to share across the family, protection for 20 devices, and adaptive children protection.

“With Kaspersky Security Cloud, we have aspired to develop a service for the user that ensures the right level of protection at the right time,” says Harvey Lee, Head of Consumer Portfolio Management & Strategic Programs at Kaspersky Lab. “Today, a user’s digital life is much more than just a device connected to the Internet; it is a whole world in itself, as individual as the user’s real personal life. That means the security solution has to adapt to this individuality, without a user having to make a tradeoff between their security and convenience. Our approach of providing a service that adapts to the user’s behavior and context, is how we see the future of security technologies evolving.”

Kaspersky Security Cloud is currently only available to residents of the United Kingdom and Ireland. The service is due to be released in Germany, Austria and the USA by the end of the year. Release dates for other countries will be announced separately.

Click here for more information about the first adaptive protection* in Kaspersky Security Cloud.

*Adaptive security technology is based on the patent US7584508B1 “Adaptive security for information devices” granted to Kaspersky Lab ZAO on 01.09.2009.

1Protection against malicious programs and websites, as well as against risks to privacy and online payments, work on computers and Android devices.

Kaspersky Security Cloud: Brand-New Solution Includes First Technology to Adapt to People’s Digital Lives

Every person is unique and, just like their fingerprints, everyone’s digital life is different too.
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