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Cybercriminals are increasingly willing and able to launch attacks on critical infrastructure, particularly industrial control systems connected to the Internet, and future technologies like IoT and connected cars – while organizations and users remain worryingly under-prepared. Access to real-time threat intelligence has therefore become imperative. To help customers and partners identify and protect themselves against these emerging threats, Kaspersky Lab has today announced the opening of its Future Tech Lab in Israel.

Based at Kaspersky Lab’s new office in Jerusalem, the new R&D center will research the cyber threats that target new technologies, such as IoT, embedded systems, automotive and industrial control systems.

The opening of the Future Tech Lab in Israel further strengthens Kaspersky Lab’s fast-growing international footprint, adding to the company’s existing network of expert hubs in Russia, the USA, UK, Ireland and China. Strategically positioned at the heart of Jerusalem, the new Future Tech Lab will be home to those working at the frontline of the ongoing battle against cyber threats - and is currently on the hunt for highly skilled researchers, engineers and developers.

Researchers at the Israeli center will work closely with colleagues in other Kaspersky Lab hubs across the globe to share insight and understanding about the latest threats affecting organizations and individuals, every second of every day. They will provide organizations with the actionable intelligence needed to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and Chairman of Kaspersky Lab, said: “Israel is an important global technology hub, including in the IT security sphere, and we’re glad to be a part of this amazing community. Israel is also a country that truly understands the importance of industrial cybersecurity and the challenges facing critical infrastructure".

“Opening our Future Tech Lab in Jerusalem is a very important milestone for us and I would like to thank the city administration and Nir Barkat personally for helping us make this happen. The digital revolution continues, and the world is becoming more and more interconnected. There are already far more ‘smart’ and networked devices than humans populating our planet. The big problem is that most of these systems, including those running critical operations that our everyday lives depend on, are vulnerable to cyberattack. Our Jerusalem R&D center will be focusing on these threats and how they can be repelled.”

“The launch of the Future Tech Lab is yet another milestone for the company and for us here in Israel. We’re determined to detect and neutralize all forms of threats, regardless of their origin, purpose or target. The new Future Tech Lab will provide another hub to continue this ongoing global fight against cybercrime and provide customers and partners with the knowledge they need to anticipate the dangers that lie ahead in the coming years", said Noam Froimovici, General Manager, Kaspersky Lab Israel.

Kaspersky Lab opens new Future Tech Lab in Israel

New research hub will combat the cyber threats to future technologies
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