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Cybersecurity that’s always a step ahead

Keep your internet use safe and private and your devices running smoothly with one of our award-winning, easy-to-use security plans.
Compatible with:
  • Windows®
  • macOS®
  • Android™
  • iOS®
Happy couple smiling while browsing on a laptop
We won't cancel
your updates
We’re robust, resilient,
and absolutely committed to fulfilling our obligations
We don't allow access to your data
and infrastructure
Your data is private and safe
with us – as confirmed by multiple audits
We don’t care about
marketing hype
Our products demonstrate 100%
protection from ransomware
We have no ties
to any government
We are, and will remain,
fully independent and transparent
We don't tolerate
We detect and neutralize all cyberthreats,
regardless of their origin or purpose
Make your decisions based on facts, not speculation.

The global leader in cybersecurity

Last year’s stats say it all

  • 687M
  • cyber-attacks stopped
  • 114M
  • unique malicious URLs blocked
  • 64M
  • unique malicious objects neutralized

Live your best digital life

Whether you only want to cover the essentials or need high-level support for the whole family, we have a plan for you.

Standard Plan
  • Windows®
  • macOS®
  • Android™
  • iOS®
  • Real-time Antivirus
  • Online Payment Protection
  • Performance Optimisation
Plus Plan
  • Windows®
  • macOS®
  • Android™
  • iOS®
  • Real-time Antivirus
  • Online Payment Protection
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Unlimited Superfast VPN
  • Data Leak Checker
Best Value
Premium Plan
  • Windows®
  • macOS®
  • Android™
  • iOS®
  • Real-time Antivirus
  • Online Payment Protection
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Unlimited Superfast VPN
  • Data Leak Checker
  • Identity Protection
  • Expert Virus Check & Removal
30-day money-back guarantee

Why choose Kaspersky?

Complete protection

Each Kaspersky plan uses cutting-edge AI technology to detect and stop any type of online threat – even ones that haven’t been seen before. So every time you connect to the internet, we:
  • Protect your privacy by blocking unauthorized attempts to access your webcam or track your activity on websites.
  • Secure your payments in a hacker-proof Protected Browser when you shop or bank online.
  • Keep intruders out of your network and check websites and emails are safe for you to open.

What our customers say

I went with Kaspersky because I heard it would be light on my resources. I thought I might sacrifice some protection – but this was not the case!
by Phillip
I feel like I get just as much if not more protection than any competitors offer. All while running very quietly in the background.
by Alkirk
A great product for everyone, Kaspersky is easy to use and gives you all-round protection. I like the straightforward way it carries out updates and fixes errors.
by Bernie
My husband and I have used Kaspersky for a couple of years now. We are both big-time gamers and this is the only product we've found that doesn't mess with our World of Warcraft play. It’s the absolute best!
by Kandee733
As a senior citizen, scams are a part of our everyday life. I've used Kaspersky Protection for many years and will continue to cover myself and my Family with this beneficial service.
by Community A.
Tried other products and always went back to Kaspersky. Solid products, lightweight, intuitive UI. Have it on multiple devices in my family, including teenagers, and never had any systems compromised.
by RCanuck
Everyone has the right to be free of cybersecurity fears.
Eugene KasperskyChief Executive Officer, Kaspersky
A cybersecurity expert and our CEO since 2007, Eugene Kaspersky founded the company back in 1997, after building a groundbreaking collection of antivirus modules.

Now we are the world's largest privately-owned cybersecurity company, committed to fighting cybercrime whilst maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity and transparency.

Most Tested. Most Awarded.

In 2021, Kaspersky products appeared in 75 independent tests, winning 57 first-place awards..

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