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The extended self: Our future digital twins

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extended self, future digital twins

In the future, will we each have a digital bio-twin beside us, ready to whisper in our ear when our biometric data shows we’re at risk?

Scientists say genes affect our lifespan by just 10 to 25 percent, making preventing illness key to extending our lives. Today, tech that quantifies our biophysical performance abounds, and more is on the way.

But how should we protect our precious and private health information, while taking advantage of these powerful, possibly life-extending tools? And what can be done about the missing data of women, people of color and others historically ignored by medical research?

Writer and presenter Ghislaine Boddington discusses the exciting and thorny topic of our extended selves in healthcare tech with Michael Geer, Co-founder of Humanity app, Marija Butkovic, world expert in women’s health innovation and Founder of Women of Wearables and David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky.

When you’re traveling to virtual worlds, your digital life matters. Protect it with the new Kaspersky. For a 30-day trial.

Fast Forward is produced for global cybersecurity brand Kaspersky’s cyberculture channel Tomorrow Unlocked.

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