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Cyborg shifts: Embedding tech in our bodies

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Cyborg shifts: Embedding tech in our bodies

When researchers created a ‘third thumb’ prosthesis and taught people how to use it, they found changes in the brain. As we see advanced convergence of embedded body tech into non-medical uses, we must explore the potential for unintended consequences alongside benefits like productivity and convenience.

Today, systems like passports and medical ethics struggle to accept people augmented for non-medical reasons. Will we need a bill of cyborg rights?

Glimpse our evolving cyborg world with writer and presenter Ghislaine Boddington, speaking with Dani Clode, prosthetic, augmentation and product designer at Cambridge University’s Alternative Limb Project, augmented artist Neil Harbisson, who sees himself as a ‘Trans Species,’ and David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky.

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Fast Forward is produced for global cybersecurity brand Kaspersky’s cyberculture channel Tomorrow Unlocked.

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