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Kaspersky Lab has patented a new technology for protecting corporate data on employee mobile devices. The technology secures corporate data from unauthorized access and leaks by isolating it from a user’s personal data. The patent was granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

According to a recent study, nearly every second company employee uses their own mobile device for work. However, only one user in 10 is seriously concerned about the security of work-related information in the event of cybercriminals gaining access to their device.

36% of respondents said they kept work files on their mobile devices. Sometimes the information found on users’ devices can be even more critical, such as passwords to work email accounts (18%), or even passwords to an enterprise’s intranet or virtual private network (11%). In these circumstances it is essential for companies to use a specialized solution to protect confidential data on employees’ mobile devices.

Kaspersky Lab’s newly patented technology provides an additional level of security by isolating corporate data. The technology places third-party applications interacting with corporate data into an isolated environment (containers), and protects that data from unauthorized access from outside, according to predefined security policies.

“The security of employee mobile devices is no less important than that of other sections of the corporate IT infrastructure, and it is just as important to protect them. A lost or stolen mobile device may lead to dire consequences, such as disrupted business processes or financial loss. However, thanks to our new containerization technology, even if a device falls into the wrong hands, it will be extremely difficult to gain access to protected data. The newly patented technology also helps to prevent accidental data leaks that can result from mishandling a device, and protect data from malicious programs,” comments Viktor Yablokov, Head of Mobile Product Line, Kaspersky Lab.

The technology is implemented in the corporate solution Kaspersky Security for Mobile, which provides control over mobile applications and devices, protects users from malware and other cyber threats, and offers remote device management if they are lost or stolen. Kaspersky Security for Mobile is part of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, and is managed from a single console along with Kaspersky Lab’s other security solutions.

New Kaspersky Lab Technology Protects Corporate Data on Employee Mobile Devices

Kaspersky Lab has patented a new technology for protecting corporate data on employee mobile devices
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