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Number of Independent Tests / Reviews

Comparative tests, reviews and awards

The diversity of Kaspersky solutions and technologies means it's possible for us to participate in a broad spectrum of tests and reviews.


The protection capabilities of the participating products are assessed on different platforms.

Real-World Tests (incl. ransomware)

  • Real-World Protection Test
  • Enhanced Real-World Test
  • Business Security Report

Android and Mac

  • Mobile Security Test & Review
  • Android Test
  • Mac Security Test & Review

Phishing and Ransomware

  • Anti-Phishing Test
  • Malware Protection Test

Virus Bulletin

Comparative Reviews are held to evaluate different types of security and gateway level products on different operating systems.

  • VB100 Comparative Review and Certification
  • VBWeb Comparative Review


This advanced threat defense certification assesses abilities of a solution to detect new or little-known threats while minimizing false positives.


  • Advanced Threat Defense Certification

SE Labs

The live testing of Real-World threats and targeted attacks is used to compare products effectiveness.

Real-World Tests (incl. ransomware and exploits)

  • Enterprise Endpoint Protection Test
  • Home Anti-Malware Protection Test
  • Small Business Endpoint Protection Testt

Anti-Targeted Attacks

  • Breach Response Test

MRG Effitas

Detection, mitigation, and blocking speeds are tested. Financial malware and “In-The-Wild” detection rates are also assessed.

Financial Malware, Ransomware, Exploit Tests:

  • Online Banking/Browser Security Certification
  • 360 Degree Assessment & Certification

Android Tests

  • Android 360 Assessment Programme


Awards and certifications are presented for perfect results in detection of different threats on various platforms over the course of a year.

Real-World (incl. ransomware) and Fileless Tests

  • Bi-Monthly Certification: Consumer and Business
  • Fileless Threat Protection Test

Android, Mac and Remediation Tests

  • Android Mobile Security Products Test
  • Mac Detection & Performance Test: Consumer and Business
  • Remediation Product Test

TOP 3 metric description


Kaspersky has increased its participation rates- and also increased the number of 1st places its products received.

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Consistent high quality over time is shown in outstanding results across all tests in 2015.

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For the 4th consecutive year Kaspersky out-performs all the security vendors.

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More tests, more Top3 finishes for Kaspersky solutions.

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More tests, more first places, the best TOP3 score for Kaspersky solutions.

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Again, Kaspersky solutions outperforms all security vendors and achieves the best TOP3 score.

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