Open Innovation Service

Your business is unique; your cybersecurity needs are too. At Kaspersky, we work with you to find the most innovative and effective cyber-solutions, tailored specifically for you.
Find innovations for you

Why it’s important?

Cyber-threats to organizations across the globe are on the rise. We select the most innovative cybersecurity projects, review them and enhance them so you can find the optimum solution to protect your business.

How can your business benefit?

Solutions tailored to your cybersecurity needs, wherever you are, whenever you need them. We’ll help you:

Identify the latest cybersecurity solutions,
customized to your business.

Manage risks while boosting productivity,
saving you time and money.

Integrate new technologies with existing
Kaspersky products.

Design rapid prototyping for quicker
commercial rollout.

How does it work?

Step 1

Initial Assessment

We research the technology you need to develop the right cybersecurity strategy for your business.


Criteria for conceptualizing ideas and solutions from innovative startups

Step 2


We then select the best solutions for your cybersecurity strategy.


A series of innovative market solutions that address your cybersecurity needs.

Step 3


After that, we’ll organize business and technology studies and choose the most suitable projects, including running the private demo sessions.


A short-list of startups for business modeling and piloting.

Step 4


Expect an in-depth analysis and modeling of the potential collaboration, assessing how well it could adapt to the market.


A business case and financial model on the collaboration’s projected performance.

Step 5


Finally, we’ll launch a pilot project or beta testing, reducing the the time required for commercial rollout.


Commercial rollout of the new innovative solution, mutual pilots and strategic partnership.

Step 6

New Business

As a result of a successful pilot project, you receive a product that is verified by industry experts, validated on the market, and ready for monetization.

How does it help
our clients?

We select
best‑in‑class solutions

to address the biggest cybersecurity challenges quickly, reducing the time needed to take them to market.

We scout, validate, nurture and enhance

the most advanced and disruptive technologies to ensure safe, secure digital transformation.

We partner with companies

that complement us. They integrate with our technologies to combine and maximize values for cybersecurity strategies.

Why choose

After 22 years in the cybersecurity industry, one thing stays the same: a constant desire to innovate. Our technical expertise and global experience allows us to bring businesses around the world the most groundbreaking cyber-solutions. Now, we’ve evolved to protect over 400 million users and 270,000 corporate clients across 200 countries.

From in-house innovations management to the Open Innovation Service — run by Kaspersky Innovation Hub — we protect businesses from threats and help build better futures through innovation and collaboration.


are protected
by our technologies


corporate clients within
our business portfolio


leading position
of cybersecurity experience

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