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Stuxnet’s “hole”: the vulnerability is still around

Four years after the discovery of the Stuxnet worm, the primary vulnerability it had been exploiting is still around. This is mainly the problem of poorly maintained Windows XP PCs and servers, most likely inhabited by worms. In the interconnected world a neglected PC or a server is a possible problem for many people.

IT Security Risks Survey 2014: None is spared

Kaspersky Lab has released a new IT Security Risks Survey, conducted in 2013-2014 together with B2B International. Facts and figures show that security situations in businesses improved very little, if at all. Small and mid-sized businesses still have their IT strategy low on their priorities list.

Crouching Yeti: got caught anyway

Security researchers uncovered yet another long-standing APT campaign aimed at exfiltration of important data from the organizations associated with strategic industrial sectors. Once again, businesses involved in these areas are

Windows merge: so what about security, after all?

As a security vendor, we at Kaspersky Lab have to foresee possible problems stemming from essentially good things. Serious transformations in the software market bring both new advantages, but also new problems and challenges, to which we need to pay attention.