Protecting your business in a few minutes and with a few clicks: it’s that easy

With Kaspersky Small Office Security there’s no need to waste a lot of time ensuring your business is a cyber safe environment.

In previous posts we have shown there is a formidable number of IT security aspects that a new business has to consider from day one. At the same time, just a single incident may lead to a company’s demise, so protecting your business is an absolute necessity.

However, doing so should not be a chore, and with the right solution – such as Kaspersky Small Office Security – it may take as little as a few minutes to protect your business. There are IT issues – other than malware (from which KSOS protects automatically) – that may occur, and they can be solved just as fast and easily.

Issue: an employee visits the wrong websites | Solution: set Web Policies in a few clicks

Here’s one scenario: An employee starts frequenting some websites they’re not supposed to – a social network, gambling site, a dating service, or something worse. A business owner can spend time talking sense into that employee, but there’s a quicker solution.


Opening central Management Console in Kaspersky Small Office Security, the owner can see all his/her employees’ computers and set up specific working conditions for them. The Web Policies section has a plain and easy interface, allowing employers to choose from several options:

  • Data collection is a passive mode to check out which sites are being visited during the day.
  • Strict restrictions blocks not only unwanted websites but also all file downloads. In some situations this may be the best choice. If this is too harsh, there’s also —
  • Weak restrictions as an option, that doesn’t block files, but still collects data and blocks the unwanted sites.
  • Custom restrictions allows administrator/business owners to set the restrictions

So what are those “unwanted websites?” Once you access the restriction’s settings, there is a list of categories of potentially unwanted sites: Pornography/erotic, illegal software, gambling, social networks (the foul time-eaters), online stores, and forums and chats – i.e. everything that can either consume your not-so-cheap traffic or cripple productivity.


Kaspersky Small Office Security is capable of identifying the sites belonging to these categories automatically – no need for a “hardwired” list of sites or populating such lists by hand.

Now, having checked the appropriate boxes, press “Apply”. The person who soon discovers these restrictions may be upset, but let’s assume they’d been warned ahead of time.

Web Policies restrictions may be easily applied to other PCs within the company, and removed from any machine whenever needed.

Issue: possible unauthorized payments | Solution: limit usage of payment services and employ Safe Money module

Unauthorized payments made with company funds are a criminal matter, of course. Either an employee is embezzling, or there was some sort of cyberattack resulting in money loss. Kaspersky Small Office Security prevents such things from happening.The Web Policies also allow limited use of payment systems to just one computer, so that just one person can conduct the firm’s payments.


For extra security, KSOS comes with the Safe Money module, which protects electronic payments from fraudulent access attempts. Safe Money can be launched from the Kaspersky Small Office Security window or using the separate desktop icon. Click and get a new, protected browser window, in which any payment service or banking site can be accessed without worries of transaction safety.

Observing everything from the Management Console

The Central Management Console also allows you to see the state of security of all computers within the network, and, if there are suspicions that something is wrong on a certain PC, scanning for malware can be launched remotely.

Most of the security-related operations in the Kaspersky Small Office Security interface can be conducted purely intuitively: it is specifically tailored for people working in smaller companies, who need business-grade protection, but prefer focusing on their main job, not dealing with IT issues. Kaspersky Small Office Security ensures protection in a matter of minutes and with just a few clicks.

The trial version is available here.