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5th gen mobile connectivity: what it is going to be like and why we need it at all

5G: why do we need it?

While LTE networks are seemingly just now starting to take off, networking vendors and carriers are already fully engaged in a vivid discussion on 5G’s perspectives. What are those next-gen networks going to be and why do we need them at all?

apple watch and other smartwatches

Apple Watch And The Others

The design of the current smartwatches is defined by being aimed at geeks. It looks like it will again take Apple to perform its duties carefully iSplaining wearables to ordinary people.

Picturing the future to protect

Will mankind become overrun by technological and information threats while future humans’ raison d’etre would be to keep the machines going “Metropolis” or “Matrix” style? We don’t know. The future remains a product of our imagination until it comes true, while our reality is the consequence of actions.